Dear Mr. President – August 20, 2020

August 20, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
It’s another beautiful day in Michigan but it sounds like some parts of our country are suffering from natural disasters of rain, wind, fire, drought, and climate change. Have you made any visits or speeches to cheer up the farmers in Iowa or everyone in California or are you just focusing on big Democratic cities? Some of them are suffering from human disasters, not poor management caused by being led by Democrats, but issues stemming from poverty, pollution and social injustice. Is your policy plan for a second term going to be “let them rot”? I would like to suggest, with all due respect, that if you are elected to a second term, you focus on being a president for the entire country, not just for people who like you. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure that the Oath of Office is meant to be that the duty of a president is to work for and defend everyone. Please let me know if that is wrong.
Speaking of people who like you, let’s talk about QAnon, since you brought them up. Maybe you could explain a bit more about who they are and what they believe in. Is the doctor who believes in demon sperm part of that group? You didn’t seem too sure of what they are all about other than they like you. Somehow, this doesn’t seem possible as the craziness they are alleging has been all over the tv, social media and newspapers. Please don’t spout off on things you don’t know much about, (remember how poorly it went when you tried to give advice about cleansing the inside of your body with bleach?), even though I think you know very well about them. Yesterday was the third or fourth time you were asked about the group or some of the folks who won primaries who may be members of this gang. I expect you to pay better attention to hot news articles that belong on the front page of The National Inquirer, along with pictures of the aliens coming to impregnate women in their dreams.
So much for people who like you, so now let’s discuss people who don’t. From what I heard at the Democratic Convention over the last three nights, there are a lot of them and they’re not only Democrats! To be fair, it’s not you they don’t like; it’s what you say and do that they reject. On the list were how you treat our adversaries, our allies, and many Americans. Apparently, you are not winning them over when you brag about how you have handled the virus, the reopening of the economy, the trade agreements, the environment, or even, “draining the swamp”. You know, after reading about the arrest of Steve Bannon and a few of his buddies, and thinking about all the folks you thought were “best” but who were convicted of crimes or went to jail, or who stand to make money from their businesses while they serve in various offices relevant to their businesses, or who have lied, cheated or are terrible at their jobs,( whew, that’s a long list and there is more!), it doesn’t look like the swamp is drained. In fact, it’s starting to smell pretty rotten.
Only one more night of the Dems’ convention and then your team gets to go on stage. I’m looking forward to hearing about the platform and how you plan to bring the country together. Or, are you planning to keep dissing the Democrats plans to improve the lives of all our people without offering good alternatives? Are all the singing acts lined up yet? I hope you’re not hurt that the only former Republican president alive won’t give a speech at your convention. Gee, who will you get to speak, Roger Stone? How about Mitch McConnell? I’d bet Hannity would do it. It’s okay, you have Melania speaking and she will be, well, she will be in the Rose Garden. There’s a few more days to tinker with the lineup so I’m sure you can get some more great orators and/or entertainers. Just remember to think about inspiring the nation with your natural charm and wit.

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