Dear Mr. President – August 3, 2020

August 3, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
I have a number of issues to ask you about it today but right now I’m listening to your, not sure what to call it, briefing on “stuff”. You just finished asking people who survived the Donald Trump Virus to give that “incredible stuff you have in your veins” to help other people. Actually, I think the connection froze for a while because you seemed to say the same sentence over and over again a number of times.
What you said was probably really important, but I want to ask about schools. You continue to beg for schools to reopen, in person, but safely. You are super smart and must know that it’s the part about safety that seems to be the hang-up to in-person learning. Can you tell us how much money schools will need to be safe? Are you including hiring more staff because classes need to be smaller? There were lots of numbers thrown around today about PPE and telehealth for Medicaid patients but how are you suggesting local schools pay for the equipment and staff they would need to open safely? I know several amazing educators who are retiring rather than going back into an environment they don’t think is safe and now several hundred teachers in Georgia have the virus and school has just started there. You have talked about how the National Emergency Reserves are full of equipment and ventilators. Does it also have a supply of teachers and other skilled staff on the shelves?
Next, I wanted to ask about the Post Office. The current Postmaster General is a guy named Louis DeJoy, who took office on June 15, 2020. He is a businessman from North Carolina who was the CEO of a logistics supply chain business. He is also a major donor to your campaign! Did you know that? He has instituted some interesting changes in USPS daily functioning like sending a memo to all who deliver the mail to Slow Down the Deliveries! What!!! He also is a big investor in private delivery service. I know you have a beef with Jeff Bezos and Amazon and the Washington Post, but this is the United States Postal Service you seem to be messing with. It’s been with our country since the very beginning. We like our mail delivery people and we trust them and their mission. You know the expression “going postal” seems inappropriate but it looks suspiciously like Louis DeJoy is trying to make the Postal Service “Gone Postal”, as in kaput. Is this all about packages and Amazon or messing up mail-in voting? Maybe I am over-reacting, but the optics aren’t good. Please don’t mess up this valuable service.
Finally, I wanted to let you know about an exchange I had on someone’s Facebook page. You know I try to stay positive and hopeful and I don’t call people names or speak or write disrespectfully, right? Anyhow, someone asked if the protestors have spread the virus. I answered that most are masked and try to be socially distant, even though not all are. Then, other people started asking if I really believe in the virus, or Dr. Fauci or other things like that. Someone called me a “sheep”. I don’t think they meant cute and fuzzy. If I were a ram, I might be aggressive and I’m not. If I were an ewe, I would be protective of my young (I am) but if I were a lamb, I would be sweet and innocent, or did this person mean I was stupid enough to be led to slaughter? Please, use your bully pulpit to remind people to Be Best.

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