Dear Mr. President – August 4, 2020

August 4, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Let’s talk again about your staff. They are so loyal, except the ones who “leak”, and smart, except you know who, and some of them are just adorable, like all the cute little blondes or blonde wannabes like Jarod. Maybe some of them are kind and moral, just not Steven Miller. They clearly have your back and try so hard to make everything in your world go your way. So how do you explain them setting up an interview with the Axios reporter, Jonathan Swan? Was it their idea or yours to bring along a “cheat sheet” with some simple and colorful charts? If you had studied the material before the test you probably would have done better. Apparently, there are books or manuals also included in this course on the Donald Trump Corona Virus, but you know they exist, maybe you even bought them, but you clearly have not opened them and read them. That whole part of the interview was reminiscent of the chart showing the path of a hurricane a couple of years ago that didn’t include Alabama until you used a Sharpie to change the path. Perhaps some of your staff really don’t have your back.
Thankfully you haven’t had super busy days. I always check your schedule to see what you are up to but it’s usually lunch with VPPence or Secretary Pompeo, or an occasional intelligence briefing. You’re not very involved with the negotiations on the Hill or with the DT (Donald Trump) Corona Virus Task Force. Perhaps if you heard all the information or saw all the charts, you would have been better prepared for the interview with Mr. Swan. Since you are so good at making deals, maybe people would still get an unemployment check this week. You did sign an environmental act but after eliminating so many environmental rules about clean air, water and about a dozen others, your record still looks dedicated to special interests like oil and gas. It’s okay though, you do get credit for signing this act, even if it really about a state you want to win in November.
Anyhow, not much interesting or new happened today. I think you are at the point of losing interest in a lot of issues other than the election. It is an important time, but you should still pay attention to all the topics in a class, even the ones that bore you. There was a little teaser the other day about Health Care and Immigration and how you are taking care of that this month and next. That will be great! It’s not legislation so it must be Executive Orders. Believe me, we are all holding our breath waiting for that news.
By the way, I spoke with a couple of friends who are neurologists and who give the test you “aced” to many people. As you know, it’s a screening test for dementia, so it’s good that you passed it. My question is why did someone think you needed to take that test? Well, it is what it is.

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