Dear Mr. President – August 9 – 12, 2020

August 9-12, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Do you have whiplash yet? I do. I started this letter on Sunday and added to it on Monday and thought about it on Tuesday and here we are, on Wednesday. It’s been a whiplash sort of week. Just think about all that has happened and not happened in the past four days. The biggest thing that has not happened is Republicans stepping up to do their job and help out the millions of people who need more assistance with unemployment insurance to pay rents and buy food. I know you think you are the savior for them with your 4 declarations of Executive Orders, but you have to know they are meaningless. You are such a great deal maker, or at least someone who makes such a big deal out of talking about making great deals, that you should do your own negotiating with Mitch and Lindsey and, maybe Rand Paul to really get something done for the American People. Otherwise, the voters might blame you for this huge failure.
So much has happened in the past 4 days. You gave a rousing pep rally/peaceful protest to the dozens of people, including some children, at your golf course. They loved it and I think everyone hopes for the best in terms of their health, since they didn’t wear any masks, were inside and crowded together. The exciting start of the Bikers’ Ball began in South Dakota this last weekend. We all wish a hearty “good luck” to the 250,000 bikers. From the pictures I’ve seen of this event I’d say some have underlying conditions like smoking and obesity. But, since this is a special annual event, it looks like “normal” and you must love that. Then there were reports of more “normal” events like some schools reopening with in person instruction. Of course, some have had to shut back down due to infections in students. But, not to worry because Secretary DeVos isn’t speaking publicly about schools so that is good. She’s actually disappeared and has no public events on her calendar. You should check and see if she is still in your cabinet. There is a problem with “normal” and that it is now including about 1,000 deaths a day from the Donald Trump Virus. The good news is, during your daily “Cheer up, everything is Great” talks, the virus is “under control”. We also get to hear, yet again, about how great our situation is with ventilators and trials with vaccines and therapeutics that can cure the virus so we might not even need the ventilators or vaccines and we are the best in the world with testing even though testing show more cases.
Let’s see, what else has been going on. Oh, Russia is at it again with interfering with our elections. The new video with bible burning is a Russian video so don’t get fooled by it. The US Postal Service is not dead yet, despite the attacks on it by Postmaster General. By the way, he’s not really a military person, despite the name “general”. Voting registrations are going gangbusters and that’s great for Democracy, so you should be very proud of that. There won’t be a hurricane this week, fingers crossed, so at some point you can go back to Mara Lago. Hmm, what else? Oh, big news! Kamala Harris is on the ticket with Joe Biden! I do have some advice for you about this ticket. You know I’m only trying to help, not boss you around. DO NOT call her “nasty”. You have used that word unsuccessfully to describe Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and now Kamala Harris. There seems to be a trend here. Strong, smart, powerful women are not nasty women. They are strong, smart and powerful so the name calling won’t help you get re-elected. Also, I don’t think Kamala Harris is against petroleum products and I don’t think Joe Biden is against G-d. Also, neither of them is an extreme radical. That word should be saved for the folks who spout conspiracy theories full of hate, like the person who won a primary in Georgia. She thinks you are secretly fighting a well-connected ring of Satan worshipping pedophiles that took over the government.
So, in short, Be Best.

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