Dear Mr. President – July 20, 2020

July 20, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
I like to check in with you after a lovely weekend of golf, relaxation and maybe some visits with friends. It looks like you may need some new friends. There are some folks on the Fox network who don’t seem to have your back anymore. You even mentioned during the interview with Chris Wallace that you don’t like Fox so much since Roger Ailes left. Since he left, under disgrace, in 2016, before you were “elected” president, and died three years ago, why do you still watch that channel? You frequently call in to shows and give all your interviews to them. So why did you agree to an interview with Chris Wallace, who is known as an excellent journalist and who asks tough questions. I didn’t watch the entire interview, but I have seen and heard and read portions. I’m guessing he didn’t give you the questions ahead of time, but you should have known that they were coming. I would have thought you would be better prepared to discuss the issues around the Corona Virus. By now you have to know that testing doesn’t cause cases, it just exposes them. By now, you should know that it isn’t going away. By now, you should know that the country needs stronger, clearer guidelines about masks, testing, tracing, etc. Good grief, by now you should know that Dr. Fauci has very high numbers of people who trust what he says. And, by now, you should stop saying you did two things early on, banning people from China to enter the country (except for about 400,000 who did enter) and being overly confident that it was “under control”. By the way, apparently the virus that landed on the East Coast came from Europe. It’s now six months later so this information has reached its’ Sell By date.
I know you are frustrated by all the attention given to the virus, “The Invisible Enemy”, but drop nickname, it’s no longer funny. You keep mentioning the “embers” that will be very easily put out. You told Chris Wallace, “I say flames, we’ll put out the flames. And we’ll put out in some cases just burning embers. We also have burning embers. We have embers and we do have flames. Florida became more flame like, but it’s …it’s going to be under control”. Again, I have to ask, you knew you would be asked a question about the spread of the disease and this is your answer? It hardly makes sense and it’s not under control, but you could say you have the biggest embers, EVER! You went on to say that” Biden can’t put two sentences together”. Unfortunately, many of your sentences in this interview were “not put together”. Did you check in with Melania after the interview? What did she say when you asked how you did?
Finally, the question about the test you took that you said you “Aced”. You know that many people have taken that test. It’s not an IQ test but one to screen for mental acuity. It’s a SCREENING test. The questions are simple, but some people have difficulty finding the right words (not the best words, just the ones that accurately describe an animal or object). The part where the examiner gives you 5 words and you have to repeat them in order is to screen for problems with short term memory. Do you remember what the 5 words were? If you “aced” the test I’m thinking they were a) “Russia”, “Hoax”, “Lock” “Her” “UP”. No? Maybe they were “Don”, “Eric”, “Ivanka”, “Tiffany”, “Barron”. No? How about, “The””Virus” “Will” “Magically” “Disappear”. Ah, that’s what they were.

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