Dear Mr. President – July 21, 2020

July 21, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
You are starring in the new season of “Corona Virus, Attack of the Invisible Enemy”. Unfortunately, due to my busy social schedule, I may not be able to watch it live, but it will probably be on YouTube or On Demand. I thought it might be fun for you and viewers to play a couple of new games I thought of during the show.
The first game is called “Name the Topic”. Even though the previews say this will be a show dedicated to the Corona Virus, other topics may arise. Before you start the show, the viewers can take a piece of paper, a writing utensil and make columns or keep tallies on which words will have the most use. Melania can keep score for you. Examples can be “best”, “ever”, “China”, “incredible”, “ventilators”, “Fascist” or “Antifa” or “Communist” or “radical”. You can have a separate column for nicknames, you already know some of them. There will be extra credit for “Women in Arms”.
The next game is actually a new mental acuity test. Everyone can play. Here are the rules. The questions are multiple choice and there may be more than one correct answer. Wikipedia or Google will not be allowed. You may ask for help from the audience or phone a friend.
1. Who knows the most about the novel Corona Virus?
a) You
b) Dr. Fauci
c) VPPence
d) Governor DeSantis
2. How is the virus spread?
a) Droplets in the air
b) By breathing
c) By osmosis
d) No one really knows
3. What is the purpose of widespread testing?
a) To discover the rate of infection in a given area
b) To look for infections in people without symptoms
c) To trace the spread of the virus
d) To make you look bad
4) What does “Mortality Rate” mean?
a) Low rates are due to not testing and we have the best testing
b) The USA has the lowest rate of ANYWHERE
c) Who cares?
d) Rates of death per thousands of people
5) What can be done to slow the virus spread now?
a) Everyone must wear a mask when outside and no way to be apart
b) Stay 6 feet from other people
c) Get a tattoo that says “Slow the Spread”
d) Believe in magic
Extra Credit Questions (but these will be harder)
6) Why are people mourning Rev. CT Vivian and Rep. John Lewis?
a) They were icons of the Civil Rights Movement
b) They were dedicated to equal rights
c) They provided moral compasses for all
d) Unsure
7) What will happen on January 20, 2021?
a) Uniformed people in unmarked black vans will patrol the streets of D.C.
b) There will be the biggest parade EVER in D.C.
c) There will be a padlock on the White House doors
d) There will be a smooth transition of power between D. Trump and J. Biden

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