Dear Mr. President – July 22, 2020

July 22, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Well, I did get to watch episode 2 of the new season of “Corona Virus: Return of the Invisible Enemy”, which started yesterday. I have to be honest though, this show isn’t going to get renewed. It was supposed to be on at 5 but it didn’t start until 5:52 so I’m sure it didn’t get the ratings of Season I. We expect shows to start on time. It didn’t last very long. The main action was only 10 minutes so there was little chance to develop a plot or a character. The main character who played you wasn’t very good. He seemed too subdued and didn’t have much spark or ability to emote. He also spoke way too fast and rushed through his lines. The lines themselves weren’t really interesting. They had lots of numbers but only two items that were “incredible”. The big enemy, China, also had only 2 quick appearances. In short, Meh.
It does look like you have produced a new action TV show. You do know that the FBI already has a series and of course, The Naval Criminal Investigation Service has tons of shows (shout out to my favorite, NCIS). This series seems to be called “Men in Camouflage” or “What Federal Service is This”. Maybe there will be some episodes that give us more information on what the federal service or services are and what their mission is. It looks like the series is set in Portland, Oregon but are there are plans for shows in other locations? It seems that most of the show is filmed behind a huge smoke screen. The plot seems rather predictable and boring. The main action is peaceful protestors walking down a street, then chaos and then, well, it’s unclear what happens next. As a tv critic, and a person who often likes action shows that aren’t really high -end drama, I have to vote thumbs down on this series too. There aren’t even any hunky leads or anti-heroes.
Even if the tv series don’t turn into hits, I know you have lots of other projects on your plate. There is the continuing problem of the Corona Virus, the challenges of the economy, the need for changes in certain kind of policing and how to safely open schools in September or October or this winter. It seems exhausting and frustrating and it must occupy so much of your time. There are also the challenges of trade, world economy, which friendly countries you can dump and which new country friends you can make, health care, climate change and unifying our country. Are you also thinking about the national debt? What about how to support all the people who have lost jobs due to the Corona Virus? Oh, right, there is also a big election coming up.
I’m going to sleep. We all need a rest.

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