Dear Mr. President – July 26, 2020

July 26, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Well, the weekend is almost over and tomorrow we are back to the old routine. Wait, routine? What routine? Our life on Groundhog Day continues for the 19th week or maybe into the 20th, depending on how you count the week everything stopped way back in March. B”H” (thank goodness), we are okay, and our family and friends are okay. Notice I don’t say Great. No one is great although some are more okay than others. My heart goes out to those who run out of rent money this week. Or, they run out of money for food or medicine or gas or anything that they need. I know a lot of them blame you and the Republicans in the Senate for adding to the burdens of life, but I know you don’t take responsibility for their problems. I think you are taking credit for keeping Americans safe, right? Oh, and keeping certain statues and buildings safe too.
How was the golfing this weekend? You looked like you got a new pair of golf shoes because they are so white. Do you clean them off or polish them or do you have someone who does that for you, like an essential worker?
July 28, 2020
Well, I never finished the letter I started Sunday night, or maybe it was afternoon? I just couldn’t muster up enough energy to write any more. There were too many negative vibes in the air and I just wanted to watch “Person of Interest”. The only thing that stood out for me this last weekend were your white golf shoes. I saw a video of you throwing hats and golf balls at people (no one in masks, not you, not the Secret Service Agents and not the crowd) wearing black pants and a suit jacket but with those same bright white shoes! It was hard to stop staring at them. Why did you change into a suit but not change your shoes?
The blah mood changed by yesterday. It took a long walk, a trip to our garden and a lovely visit with a group of women (socially distanced, outside) to say Tehillim together. What are Tehillim? The English word is Psalms, which there is a chance you might know. There is a very long tradition to recite them in challenging times or when someone is ill or even just to say praises and ask for help coping with everyday challenges. Do you have any special prayers, mantras, or meditations to draw from for support? It could be very helpful. The tradition is that they were composed and/or compiled by King David. Some of the psalms speak about his being “surrounded by enemies” and that’s why I thought of you. They don’t say anything about lashing out at others, cheating and lying but they do ask for help to survive the challenges.
Today was a more stressful day because I watched too much news. Did you get any chance to see the House of Representatives Judicial Committee question AGBarr? He is super loyal to you, so no worries there. He is also very good at not answering questions, pretending he didn’t hear them or trying to stall by telling a longer story rather than say “yes” or “no”. He certainly defended the decision to send federal troops to Portland. Not many support people destroying property of the Federal government or private citizens. It seems logical that violence of the sort Barr talked about should be quelled. One question I had was what percent of the crowds are violent? It’s not the Moms in bicycle helmets, is it? It doesn’t seem like they are acting violently, except when they vomit from the tear gas. Another question is why the folks all dressed up in camouflage aren’t identified as to what branch of the federal government they belong to? Did anyone from the Federal government consult with the local authorities and coordinate with them? Everything seems very upsetting and chaotic, but the use and threat of force seems to be making everything worse.
I wasn’t planning on watching your Corona Virus Briefing but I did end up seeing it later on. So, I guess it isn’t a Corona Virus briefing but a daily update on what you did and how quickly you did it. Even in the 30 -minute time slot there are a lot of repeats of old shows. You are doing a pretty good job of reading but, again, I have to be honest and tell you it’s really boring. It ends up sounding like “blah, blah, blah, no one has ever seen anything like this; blah, blah, blah”. You rattle through lots of numbers of stuff that is being made or was made or will be made but how much is actually needed? If you have 1 million masks but 10 million are needed, the numbers aren’t good, even if they sound very big. Then you mention lots of companies’ names, but I have no idea who or what these companies are, except for Kodak. I had a Brownie camera and also the one that took pictures and developed them about a minute later. Oh, never mind, that was Polaroid. Apparently, Kodak has reinvented itself as a manufacturer of ingredients needed in making certain medicines. Maybe you should check and see if Polaroid is still in business. They could probably make the ingredients very quickly with 3-D printers.
A few pieces of advice for you for a calmer Wednesday: Don’t retweet everything you see on social media or that Don, Jr. sees, some of it is really wrong. Secondly, I don’t think that Dr. Fauci’s approval ratings are so much higher than yours is just due to your “personality”. Thirdly, your opinion of Hydro- you know the rest of it- may be based on “I do a lot of reading and I have a lot of knowledge” but it won’t really help with the ratings. Lastly, pick up a book of Psalms, maybe Ivanka has one, and read a few every morning to help you start your day.
Come to think of it….it could be your personality.

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