Dear Mr. President – July 29, 2020

July 29, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Just because I’m writing to you again today, I’m not stalking or trying to bother you too much. I promised to only write when I moved to do something and today, I got really excited about the medical news and want to discuss it.
So, I watched a bit of the video of the “doctor” from Houston telling us we don’t need masks because there is a cure and the cure is Hydroxychloroquine. Hmm, does that mean we shouldn’t try to avoid the disease because she says there is a cure. Does that mean we don’t need a vaccine either? Wouldn’t that save a lot of money. You wouldn’t have to spend so much on free loans to a dozen companies looking for a vaccine or bother with scaling up production, distribution and a campaign for encouraging everyone to get immunized. Does she feel the same way about other illnesses? Is this the end of vaccines??? Or am I getting worked up for nothing? Also, you should have a conversation with Representative Louie Gohmert that wearing a mask doesn’t cause Covid. Seriously, how does he not know that by now! Is he willfully ignorant or just ignorant?
This “doctor” also is the head of a ministry so maybe that is also part of her “doctoring”. She has claimed that alien DNA is used in medical treatments and that researchers are working on a vaccine to prevent individuals from being religious. Have you heard any other of her claims, like the one about demons having sex with women in their dreams? Please don’t tell the country that you accept any of this. Also, you should know, the video was taken off of Facebook due to the inaccuracies (craziness), and that not everyone in the group that called itself ” America’s Frontline Doctors” is actually a doctor on the frontline of Covid. It would be so exciting if the drug you and she promote were a cure but it’s not. Dr. Fauci and doctors all over the world have said so. Despite your good brain and experience taking a drug you didn’t need and feeling okay, it’s not a good idea to encourage others to take the drug. You often say “What do you have to lose” in response to many topics but people do have what to lose if they listen to bad medical advice. Enough, we all know you think the drug is a great thing but let’s agree to leave medical advice to medical professionals who don’t believe in demon sex fiends.
On another topic, what’s the real deal on why you haven’t confronted Putin on the issue of paying the Taliban bounties to kill American soldiers? You said the intelligence “never crossed your desk”! Come on, you know no one believes that story. If you really don’t believe our intelligence agencies here’s another approach. Rather than simply dismissing the information, ask yourself, “What do you have to lose by reading or hearing it?”
One last topic and this is a question. I just read Kodak Stock Saw Massive Increase in Trades Day Before Trump’s Loan Announcement (from a site named The Intellectualist). Did you buy stock?

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