Dear Mr. President – August 25, 2020

August 25, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

And away we go…..the Republican Party National Convention! You are so excited that you showed up in North Carolina to speak directly to the 300 and some delegates who were there. I understand that they all had their temperature taken and a quick test of some sort before they entered the room. It looks like they were asked to keep socially distant, at least until you spoke. Then they all crowded around the stage to breathe in your incredible words. An hour later you finished and danced off the stage. I learned a couple of important things from that performance. One, the Democrats are dumping tens of thousands of ballots at polling stations so people can just grab them and fill them out? Huh? At our polling places we get the ballot only after signing in, taking the sign in paper to a volunteer poll worker who checks the address and signature and looks at our ID, then we take the ballot to a private area to fill out with the special markers that are there, then we keep the ballot in its privacy shield and feed it into a machine that swallows the ballot. Even if there were (subjunctive, contrary to fact) a pile of ballots outside the polling stations, they could not be filled out and brought inside and they couldn’t be mailed on voting day. Well, maybe they could, if people could find a mailbox. The second thing I learned, oh right, I learned you can dance.

I tried to watch as much of the convention as possible but for the first hour I was on Zoom (isn’t Zoom an incredible way to see people during the quarantine?) discussing the book, How to Be an Anti-Racist. I guess if you are reelected, we don’t need to read and discuss it because you and yours are the least racist people ever and we will live in a wonderfully peaceful society. But then the couple from St. Louis came on. When they said, “No matter where you live your family will not be safe in the radical Democrats’ America”, I thought Holy Moly! They think you will support militarily armed police, walled in suburban enclaves, and every household with multiple weapons to keep us safe!!!! They seem to be afraid of a lot of people.

Some of the speakers were quite good but I do have some questions for you. Nikki Haley is a calm, clear and convincing speaker but she seemed to contradict your interest in reviving Confederate flags and statues. Have you two discussed this issue? I don’t think she accurately describes what the Democratic party stands for, but she is a good speaker. Are you worried she might be a better future candidate for President than Don Jr.? Another speaker whom I thought was very effective, was the man from Florida, not Matt Gaetz, he’s ridiculous. I’m talking about the man who came from Cuba. I thought he made a great case for immigrants who escaped from dangerous and repressive countries to come to the United States to work and make lives for themselves and their families. That sounded like the story of all Americans, except for Native Americans. The question I have for you is how does his story square with your “policies” on immigration?

All in all, it was a great success. You were praised as the savior of Western civilization! Wow! So why is my stomach in knots and my heart racing?

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