Dear Mr. President – August 28, 2020


August 28, 2020

Dear Mr. President,
Today I am writing to you because it’s what I have been doing when my emotional state ramps up to not good levels. Sometimes I’m overly happy and giddy and sometimes I’m too sad and worried. Today, it’s the latter. Maybe the problem is it’s been raining hard and there have been thunderstorms all day. Maybe it’s because the end of summer is here. No, I don’t think so, I think it’s that the RNC convention is over. I think that’s really the source of my sour mood. I looked forward to hearing from great speakers and hearing more about goals for the future and ideas on how to unite our people on even one issue. I didn’t hear any of that. Most of the speakers, including all the ones named Trump, are terrible speakers, even the one who is just a girlfriend. Ivanka actually wasn’t terrible at speaking and at least she smiled, but she’s not believable. Melania was the most believable, but she needs to learn to smile. There were two “regular people” who had personal messages of being helped by the President and they were very good, but almost everyone else was meh or bleh. In short, the 4 nights were boring and your speech, much as I would have like to hear it, was soporific. I fell asleep within 10 minutes of the start.
As far as goals went, there weren’t any specific ones. I’ve always said that if you can specifically identify a problem, you can come up with some specific actions to solve it. But, the RNC didn’t even come up with a platform or any ideas! There are some very specific problems in this country, but I didn’t hear any plans about how to deal with them. Are you asking me what problems concern me? Well, the number one problem currently is the Donald Trump Virus that continues to spread across our population and infects and kills more and more people every day. Yes, I know you closed the borders to China at the end of February, and for that you get partial credit. You know that wasn’t enough and plenty of people (like 40,000) still entered this country. You know that virus that hit New York actually came in from Europe. Yes, your administration allowed the Task Force to gather materials and make recommendations for slowing the spread, but you didn’t follow those recommendations. Yes, your administration sent equipment to the states and they did thank you over and over again, but it’s now 6 months later and much more equipment is needed. Yes, many companies are working on therapeutics and vaccines, but you know that is not going to help us in the next few months.
There are three other serious problems that keep me awake at night. The first is the hatred and fear spread by some of your supporters. I do not think we have to worry about B”H” (Biden and Harris) being enemies of the state trying to destroy all our national traditions and our constitution. It’s ironic that they, and many others, say it’s you who have tried to destroy our institutions and ignored our constitution. I don’t think that couple from St. Louis helped slow the spread of hatred and fear. Did you know they smashed beehives on the property of the synagogue behind their house? Apparently, the children of that congregation had built the beehives with the hope of collecting the honey for use at Rosh Hashanna. Maybe your speaker bureau should have vetted them better. The second huge problem bothering me is the terrible division in our country with the idea that social and racial injustice only means violent protests. You know that’s not right and yet even Kelly Ann said you like the idea of “riots” because it helps you in your campaign to be the “law and order” guy. Plus, the idea of justice, which we have discussed many times, is serious, huge and you aren’t addressing it. It was nice of you to pardon a few people but that only underscores the larger problem. The third HUGE problem is climate change and the disastrous effects it has on the entire planet. It would be smart of you to read up on this problem and listen to scientists, but you still seem to deny that they know what they are talking about and you continue to call it a hoax.
There is one other small problem that could be easily solved. You are promoting Law and Order and that’s okay, because destruction of property is not okay, like smashing beehives that don’t belong to you. But, what about the breaking of laws like cheating on taxes, ignoring the Hatch Act and civilians using their weapons to patrol the streets and kill people? Are you suggesting that your administration would better enforce those laws too?
Thanks for reading this letter. I feel better just getting some of these worries off my chest, and the sun just came out.

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