Dear Mr. President – September 2, 2020

September 2, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
You have a lot of worries to obsess over and far be it for me to add to them, but there is a brand -new worry that you shared with Laura Ingraham a few nights ago. Apparently, The TSA, you know, the people who check our shoes, use some kind of magic wand on our bodies and occasionally find suspicious water bottles or spray deodorants, missed a large group of anarchists flying together to the Republican Convention!! How did that happen and how can we be sure that if we ever fly again, the TSA will actually look for suspicious people?
According to your statement that a “person” told you, “There were about six people dressed in dark uniforms, black uniforms with gear (!!!!) and this and that. And, then what happened is the entire plane filled up with the looters, the anarchists, rioters, people looking for trouble.” One of your minions in the White House suggested that what you are really asking about is investigating who is funding travel and lodging for organized rioters. If you reread your statement and the explanation of your spokesperson you might say “HUH? That doesn’t make any sense”. Seriously? Somehow, six or maybe a plane load of people, went through security all dressed in black uniforms (or dark) with gear (?) and “this and that” and boarded planes? If that were true, the biggest problem with this scenario is the TSA. They can skip scanning for shoe bombs and take a closer look at “this and that”. As far as who paid for the tickets, that seems rather a simple thing to check. The airline company can show you the credit card used to buy the tickets.
The next part of this worry is how to tell a looter from an anarchist from a rioter or from a person “looking for trouble”. Are you suggesting that one person could be all of these things? How can you tell them apart from people carrying military style weapons slung across their chests? Do they just wear camouflage or different colors, or red hats? What does a “person looking for trouble” look like? Is it their looks or behavior? Maybe they look “furtive” or “sneaky” or “wild-eyed”. This is very confusing, and no wonder some police have “choked”. Do you really think that a police officer killing someone is like a golfer who misses a close putt?
Anyhow, your behavior and words as President, do seem to matter. It was so kind of you to travel to Kenosha, WI to support the police. Did you have any advice for them on how to calm themselves in tense confrontations, so they don’t “choke”? I think that has two meanings, not to panic and react in a way that kills someone or not to put your knee on someone’s neck, so they die. Joe Biden has given a number of statements supporting peaceful protests but is very clearly (and strongly) saying that lawlessness is not protesting. I am suggesting that you say those same statements. You could fake caring about how important it is to listen to communities of color and people who have been so harmed by excessive police violence. You could promise to be a president of all the people, not just the ones who love you. Listen to how kindly Joe says these things and go ahead and use his words. You may be accused of plagiarizing but you could just say he stole the words from you.

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