Dear Mr. President – September 8, 2020

September 8, 2020

Dear Mr. President,I really need your advice today because it was hard to fall asleep last night. Several news articles from the weekend kept me up, worrying, fretting, asking questions. You always have the answers to my questions about the news. The answers are either the news is fake or full of lies or you are being horribly mistreated. Sometimes those answers work but sometimes they don’t. Anyhow, here are my questions and I really hope to hear back from you, so tonight’s sleep starts before 2:30 a.m.

The first question has to do with antisemitism and the rising numbers of hate crimes, videos and vicious statements. As a Jew, it is not possible to say, “it couldn’t happen here”. It’s just not possible. Yet, every day there are reports of graffiti, vandalism, fires and increased hate speech in this country! Some of these acts seem to be part of the overall atmosphere of anger and hate that you are using for political purposes. I know they work, and I know there are many Jews who see you as a “savior” of sorts. However, I think your speech and acts actually promote this kind of hate. According to the New York Times report by Katrin Bennhold, you have become a “cult figure in Germany’s increasingly varied far-right scene.” So, my question for you is are you doing this on purpose?

You have said that a Biden administration will cause this violence and hatred, but this is your administration and the violence and hate speech have dramatically increased over the past four years. Do you have a plan for reversing this trend?

The second thought that kept me up last night has to do with your remarks about the military leadership in this country. The Atlantic article was bad enough, but you have actually made it worse by disparaging (dissing) the leadership of the US military. You accused them of wanting to fight wars so “all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy”. You basically accused them of trying to make money instead of protecting and leading troops. That just doesn’t seem right. Don’t you remember that it is Congress that declares war? Didn’t you use Executive Orders to start military missions like killing Qasam Souleimaini? And, aren’t you the one bragging about how much money you got for the military for “those wonderful companies to make bombs and planes and everything else”? Did you know that the military leaders have to submit their tax returns every year and it is illegal for them to have stock in these “wonderful companies”? So, my question for you is, when will we see your taxes?

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