Dear Mr. President – October 10, 2020

October 10, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations! What a surprise to hear you are “cured”, “immune to the virus“, and “think you aren’t infectious”, “in great shape”, feel like “20 years younger” while at the same time “a senior citizen, which we didn’t know”. It’s all so amazing and unbelievable, really unbelievable. I wrote you a letter a couple of days ago but never sent it as the news exploded with an overload of information and I got busy with other things that caused me to forget the things I was supposed to do.

You seem busier than ever following your miraculous cure from the dreaded disease and yet you seem angrier than ever at everyone. You are mad at most of your cabinet members, your AG, the CDC, parts of the Intelligence Community, the Senate along with the folks you’ve been mad at forever. Apparently, my attempts at helping you with anger management, relaxation exercises, and meditation mantras aren’t helping. I read that among the many drugs you took was Melatonin. I thought that was supposed to help with sleeping better but it hasn’t worked very well as you look exhausted. It’s hard to think of anything else I can suggest would to you that would improve your mood……unless, it’s to start thinking again about the future. I don’t mean right away but think about next year! You could enjoy improving your golf game, eating steaks, having dinner with Melania and maybe even Barron. You could sit with the grandchildren while they attend Zoom school. Goodness, you could start working on your Presidential Library. May I suggest a room at Mara Lago as the location?

Think about it. You wouldn’t need to worry about the physical, mental, emotional or economic health of the country. You wouldn’t have to write love letters to the leaders of other countries who don’t even speak English. You could take Lindsey Graham off the A-list of golf partners and never have to talk to Senator Mitch McConnell again. You wouldn’t even have to make phone calls to tv and radio shows, unless there was a contest for free tickets to a concert. You’d have plenty of time for exercising, reading or volunteering in the community. If you need millions of dollars to get out of debt, you could join the circuit as a motivational speaker or write another best seller about your years in the White House. You could join a militia and train with a bunch of really cool guys who could teach you about law and order. So, cheer up. Losing an election isn’t the end of the world. There are tons of opportunities for a senior citizen like you who is so healthy and so beloved.

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