Dear Mr. President – September 10, 2020

September 10, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

Oy, now what? You are being beaten up by everyone! First there was the article in The Atlantic, then journalists reported on your comments about your generals (remember when you called them your “Great Generals”?), and now there’s the new book by Bob Woodward. And, let’s not forget Mary Trump’s book and dozens more written by former members of your administration as well as former friends (Omarosa Manigault Newman), employees (Michael Cohen) and Anonymous. Those great generals and Cabinet members and diplomats who served in previous administrations, not just Obama’s, are speaking out and sounding alarms. It’s almost as if they don’t love or respect you like you need to be loved or admired or feared.

Of course, it’s a bit suspicious that this is all happening now, less than two months before the election. It’s a bit like what we’ve come to call, “dirty tricks”. Come to think of it, dirty tricks are often untruths or misrepresentations meant to put people in a bad light. How you are being attacked is even worse. They are truths with proof, including the tapes! What can you do about that? Your press secretary, Ms. McEnany, the very one who promised to never lie to the journalists, came out and said, “Mr. Trump has never publicly played down the virus.” Can you believe she said that with a straight, earnest face? Yes, she is so smart and sharp, but she is bald-faced liar.

Even as disturbing as all this noise is, I don’t think you have to worry too much. Your Fox Friends are explaining that you were protecting us from chaos caused by extreme fear so we should thank you for that. Can you imagine if there were chaos and all of us were running around saying “We are going to die”? Of course, the “haters” are going to say that you contributed to the chaos by not coordinating the acquisition of equipment for the states rather than having them bid against each other or having the federal government take the supplies that the states had ordered, or that half the people would mask up and the other half would make fun of them for masking up.

Look, your people still love you. I’m talking about the smallish slice of the electorate that are our base. For four years I’ve read as much as I can (tolerate) about what it is they see in you. It’s clear that many know you don’t always tell the truth or sound like English is your first language, but they love that you are rude, crude and often socially unacceptable. For others, they love that you acted on a particular policy issue that they support. And, of course, there are those who defend social injustice, unequal rights, and overthrowing Roe v. Wade.

I am confident that there is more turbulence to come. AGBarr will charge Hillary with treason or sedition or being smart or something. Putin will send money to your campaign. Don Jr. or Eric will smear Kamala and produce a phony birth certificate showing she was born in both India and Jamaica. Ivanka will smile and give campaign speeches about how you couldn’t have assaulted, raped, or demeaned any woman who isn’t your “type” plus you have the most empathy of anyone she has ever met. Melania may say she doesn’t care for how much you tweet although you aren’t really disturbing her beauty sleep because she isn’t staying with you that often and that you are the best you can be.If all else fails, you can issue an executive order to burn all mail-in ballots, arrest Joe for being sleepy or corrupt, declare yourself President for Life, ask militia members to come to Washington with all their guns and barricade yourself in the White House Bunker.

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