Dear Mr. President – October 26, 2020

October 26, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

Hi and how’s your day going? I see by your schedule there are more travel stops today and there were many over the weekend. I hope you are getting a chance to enjoy the beautiful fall colors as well as the sea of red at your rallies. Your strength and eloquence are truly unique and the love and loyalty your people show you are also something else. I listened to about 15 minutes of one of the rallies, maybe yesterday or maybe two or three days ago; you know how hard it is to keep track of time during the last 8 months. You told a very long story about Air Force One and the crowd seemed to hang on every word, but only for the first few minutes while you went on for about 15 minutes more. The story had something to do with you wanting to update the plane and how you negotiated the price down but that’s all I remember. It was interesting that you chose to tell an unmasked and squished together crowd of thousands of people that I think are mostly blue collar and low to middle income people about how many millions of dollars you spent on the people’s plane. It made the whole story so relatable, but I think you wanted them to know what a great deal maker you are. I did have one question for you about the plane; was it dangerously in need of an upgrade or did you just want to make it look fancier inside?

I actually have a few more questions for you if you have time to answer them. The first question is do you have a driver’s license? If you don’t, then it helps me understand why you keep saying “We are rounding the corner” when you talk about the DTVirus. If you don’t know how to drive or if you haven’t studied the rules of the road, then that line might make sense. But, if you have learned how to drive then you know that when you round a corner and you are going the WRONG WAY on a ONE WAY STREET – LOOK OUT!! TURN AROUND AS SAFELY AS POSSIBLE!!!! The numbers of cases are going up, not down, the “little spikes” are not little, and all the hydroxychloroquine and other drugs in the world won’t help stop the SPREAD of this terrible plague.

The second question I have for you is what is your approach to the problem? It’s unclear what policy you and your administration have regarding the huge spread of the disease. Here are some options: a) nothing is wrong and the problem is going away, b) Mark Meadows is going away along with certain doctors, c) the Corona Virus Task Force is alive and well and coordinating with all 50 states and governors to get accurate statistics and sufficient PPE to them, or, d) the policy changes according to the day, very similar to how some schools are operating, some days in person and some days on Zoom. (The correct answer should be C).

My last two questions are what is the plan for overwhelmed hospitals and the people who work in them and what are you doing to address that problem? Have a nice flight and don’t forget to look at the beautiful leaves.

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