Dear Mr. President – October 28, 2020

October 28, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

Holy Cow! Only 6 more days to go until Election Day. It’s so exciting but also a bit terrifying. Your rallies are truly working! They are brilliant displays of all of your talents – truth telling, intelligence, character, strategy, empathy and general abilities to put your finger on the pulse of the nation. It’s truly amazing how you channel all those traits into a 90- minute love fest with your nearest and dearest supporters.Let me explain what I mean by some of these traits. The “Truth” is always flexible and dependent on a point of view. For example; “we have rounded the corner on the virus” is true if you meant it’s wider spread and is affecting almost every state negatively. Remember that while we have enough ventilators, Baruch HaShem, we don’t have enough beds, PPE, doctors, nurses and therapists to handle the new loads of patients. If your point of view is “we are the best at testing” and that’s why the numbers increased, but if you are the families involved or the medical staff trying to take care of people who are being hospitalized, the corner seems to be , heaven forbid, a dead end.

Let’s take a look at your “Strategy” for re-election. The rallies have drawn huge crowds, so there’s that. You don’t need to worry about the masks and social distance but the crowds in Nebraska were literally left in sub -freezing weather waiting for buses to return them to their cars. Your appeal to women is really hitting the mark, especially for “Suburban Women”. They will rush to vote for you because the line, “We are getting your husbands back to work”, is so effective and adorable. Another line that is working great is how the doctors and hospitals are only “in it for the money”. I’m sure everyone will agree with you on that comment. How about the part of the speech about “opening up the country” to “get back to normal”? Look around, we are so “normal” now that it’s hard to believe how we got here so fast.

Even though I didn’t mention every one of your traits that are on display at your rallies as well as throughout your life, I hope this letter inspires you to keep it up. My only question is do you have a stethoscope? It would help if you listened to heart rates as well as kept your finger on the pulse of the nation.

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