Dear Mr. (Current) President – November 6, 2020

November 6, 2020

Dear Mr. (current) President,

You know that I’ve always been honest with you so please, take this letter in that same spirit of honesty. You are losing this election and all your “nareshkite”, that’s Yiddish for “foolishness”, will not change the truth. You ask for the vote count to continue in one state where you may gain some votes and go ahead but, stop the vote counts in other states where VPBiden seems to be winning. You can’t say that Republican poll watchers have to watch the counting of ballots with binoculars when there are equal numbers of both Republican and Democratic poll watchers located in the same area and none of them need binoculars. You apparently can yell that there is fraud and cheating but only in states or areas where VPBiden is ahead, but that doesn’t make the accusations true. We are in need of TRUTH and HONESTY. You can try to make accusations and direct your lawyers to go to court but the judges have rejected their attempts. You can also try to rev up instigating your followers to who knows what, but if this leads to violence, you may be liable to be charged with a crime.

I didn’t see or hear your short speech yesterday from the White House, but I read and heard all about it. Along with the lies, accusations and claims that you won the election you seem to have forgotten your basic Civics lessons that we learned in 9th grade. I expected you would have reviewed your notes or at least listened to a podcast about how our Representative Democracy works. I wrote you a few days ago about re-reading the Constitution but I don’t think you or your sons, except maybe Barron because he is in high school and may be taking a class in American Government or Civics, has a clear idea on how our system of voting actually works. Don’t you know we are NOT a dictatorship, or monarchy or Fascist or Communist government? You don’t get to decide; the voters make those decisions and you need to accept that. I’m not saying that you need to be gracious, because I don’t think you can. Take a look at YouTube to see how President H.W Bush made his concession speech. You can also watch how President Jimmy Carter make his concession speech.

I am assigning the following actions: review how our system of voting works and write a concession speech as your homework assignments for the next few days.

The deadline for full credit will be Monday but the work may need to be turned in as early as tomorrow.

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