Dear “People” – November 29, 2020

November 29, 2020

Dear People,

I’m writing a letter to those of you who still think Donald Trump won the 2020 election. I actually know a few of you and see what you post on your Facebook pages. Because I know you are smart people, I try to follow the threads you have posted and check out the sources for the claims. Since I want to believe that you are all still sane, intelligent and caring people who simply have the best interests of this country and democracy at heart, I would love to hear more about how you know what you know. For example, could you please explain the theory that “massive fraud” took place through the efforts of Republican officials at the state, county and district levels, international plotters, at least one of whom is dead, machinery that is double and triple checked for problems, voting rules that have been followed for decades, and, of course, the FBI, Justice Department, Republican appointed judges and voters. Oh yes, and the plot was organized across various states but only affected Donald Trump, not other Republicans on the ballot. Perhaps you could also explain how almost all the court cases have been thrown out of courts and almost all the A Team lawyers have quit. Are you sure that Rudy Giuliani and Sydney something or other are representing the Truth? How do you know that when there was no evidence presented? Every – time I read an article stating that there are affidavits saying that someone saw something nefarious, but they turn out not to be admitted in court because the person heard something 2nd or 3rd hand. There are complaints about how ballots were counted because the complainers don’t know the laws of the state as to how ballots MUST be counted.

Dead people don’t vote. They don’t even try to vote because they know they would be caught in a crime punishable with big fines and jail time. I know you love our country so please consider if this is the best way you can demonstrate the love of how this country decides elections. I understand that you really, really wanted to win, but you didn’t. I understand that you are terrified about policies that you think will harm you or cause you to “lose your freedom” or force you to change your “values”. You are free to believe what you want and to keep your values as long as others have the same rights to beliefs and values. I totally get that the rule of law is important to you when you think the Black Lives Matter Movement will somehow end all policing and you are scared.

Please reconsider the fear that other people are worth more than you and will have more rights than you. I’m pretty sure that won’t happen. Oh, and it’s really not cool to threaten the local election clerks with killing their pets, family members or them and burning down their homes. Really not cool.

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