Dear To Whom It May Concern – November 20, 2020

November 20, 2020

To Whom It May Concern:

I live in the state of Michigan. It’s a beautiful state with some wonderful, friendly, generous people. We have the Great Lakes, beautiful forests, vibrant cities and lovely rural areas, tons of culture. We have lots of sports teams although you might not be impressed with any of their records, but they have nice t-shirts and sweatshirts. Michiganders are civic minded. We vote. The majority of voters in this state voted for the Biden-Harris ticket. Our electoral votes will officially go to them.We also have some people in our state who have extremely different ideas. I really mean “extremely”. You probably already know that some of them thought it would be a great idea to kidnap the governor, maybe kill her and maybe blow up the capitol building. We have self- proclaimed militias who like to dress in camouflage, carry military style weapons, and think their freedoms have been taken away from them. Their freedoms include not wearing masks in public. I’m not sure what other freedoms they have lost. It is very true that jobs and businesses have been seriously hurt by the pandemic. It is also true that hospitals and health workers are stretched beyond their limits to help patients. I don’t know if these extremists are referring to jobs, businesses and health workers safety and sanity. I think they are mainly thinking about the masks and the requests to wash their hands.

The president has asked the Republican leaders of our House and Senate to come to Washington to listen to him. It seems that he would like them to disregard the 150,000 vote- lead of the Biden-Harris ticket and send electors who pledge to vote for his ticket instead. I’m not a lawyer or a Constitutional scholar, but that seems very, very wrong. There is no reason this should happen. Our vote was fair, safe, and secure. There was no hanky-panky. I’m sure the president is convinced that there was, but he is wrong. As you know, in this country we count votes, and the winner is declared. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. This idea of overturning the voters’ choice is completely undemocratic. Thank you for listening to my concerns.

By the way, who pays for the trip to Washington, D.C.?

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