Dear Friends – January 7, 2021

Dear Friends,

I think I’ve figured out the problem, so, maybe the solution will be easier now. The problem seems to be that there are facts and “alternate facts”. This afternoon I listened to a bit of the Rush Limbaugh radio show. Just to make sure I had the “facts” that are also known as “alternative facts”, I went a website with the script from the show. I did not know that poor, besieged President Trump was only asking his loyal minions to fight for the country and for him, that’s all. His loyal followers were not the people inside the Congress rampaging- those people were Antifa and actors dressed up to look like MAGA folks! Did you know that George Soros hired the actors to pretend they were Trump supporters? I guess he bought them the red hats and the Confederate flags and the Trump banners. The ones who were wearing the black t-shirts were either the Antifa or those who didn’t get to the wardrobe center on time to get the red t-shirts or the animal skin costume with the Viking horns.

So, if the MAGA people were just outside protesting, just like so many other protestors have, why are they being blamed for violence? Rush Limbaugh told me that it was the radical left, AKA, Democrats, the BLM who promote violence, not the Republicans who voted for Trump. That must be the reason there were police in full body riot gear lined up on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial last summer and there was the need for “it wasn’t really tear gas, just chemical spray” and troops in uniform protecting Trump’s right to hold up a bible. After all, Republicans aren’t violent or dangerous. Only Democrats are and that’s why so many need to be locked up. The proof that this was a legitimate protest to get weak Republicans to stand up for the President and the Country was, actually…… I don’t know as the logic started to get a little too logical for me. It was so “logical” that it made no sense.

So, the simple problem is about 39% of the country (according to Senator Ted Cruz who must know the truth) believe the election was “stolen” by corrupt and radical Democrats who need to be jailed and not trusted. The problem for those who believe the other set of facts, you know, the ones that are provable and are actually true, can’t convince the minority who believe the “alternative facts” that they have been lied to by Trump, Rush Limbaugh, and new groups of people who are posting wild claims on social media with shocking (SHOCKING) proof!!!The simple solution- there isn’t one. I’ve got no solution. It would be nice to have people to talk to about the problem, but no one really wants to talk to people who are clearly liars, thieves and evil. When the two sides don’t want to solve the problem, I’ve always said “okay, then the adult will solve it for you”. That used to be the principal of the school or the parents and it worked pretty well as the two sides decided they weren’t really that mad. Today, I would suggest the FBI, Homeland Security and the Department of Justice might be the adults who will discover the truth, prosecute and lock up the true marauders and evil doers and protect us all.

PS- to the half -naked guy in the weird Viking costume. This is no way to impress or get a date with neither woman nor man.

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