Dear Sort of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene – February 6, 2021

February 6, 2021

Dear Sort of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene,

Last week I wrote you a letter, but never sent it. It seemed superfluous after all the publicity you had. I wrote you congratulations for winning your election despite the disgusting and weirdly disturbing videos seen on social media and the news. It was difficult to understand how someone as smart as you could believe the things you believed and then say them in your outside voice. Most people who have thoughts like you had don’t try to say them aloud or take videos of repeating thing that I won’t repeat here. Thankfully, they often have family who convince them to get mental health treatment. In your “apology” speech to the House of Representatives you said, “I was allowed to believe things that weren’t true”. I think that means either your friends, family and community did not realize you were being forced to speak lies or were supporting your first amendment rights to Free Speech, even when calling for or repeating calls for executions of Democrats, which could be seen as not protected speech. I hope it doesn’t mean that someone forced you to believe crazy, evil conspiracies. I finished the letter with some advice on what to do to save your current job. Now, that you have been stripped of your participation on committees, you have a lot of time on your hands to do other things. After all, you probably already rented an apartment and put down a security deposit and first and last months rent. Plus, you still get to vote on the floor of the House and keep your office and aides. I read that you plan on spending time with the former president and raising money for your “causes”, whatever they are.

Maybe there are some other things you could do to show how really sorry you are for your “forced beliefs”. I’m not suggesting sending you to a re-education camp, although that’s not a terrible idea. Check and see if the camp has a pool, workout area, and sports teams along with re-washing your brain. I can just see you singing in a shower that song from “South Pacific” – “I’m Gonna Wash that Conspiracy Theory Right out of my Hair”.

If you really want to repent of your past sins and re-educate yourself to the truths of how horrid your beliefs were, I have some additional ideas for you. The first is to have a tutorial with a Constitutional expert on exactly what your rights are, how a law is passed, the role of the Congress, the importance of a free press and the election process. Next, ask, beg, David Hogg to allow you to meet with him and families in Parkland, Florida to hear what they have to say. You should do this in Newton, Connecticut as well. Following those meetings, you will ask to speak from the House floor about your experiences. I propose you then go on a speaking tour, starting in your home- town, to talk about how terrible lies get spread and what people can do to protect their friends and neighbors from believing and spreading them. You could continue your education by meeting with religious groups you have maligned, falsely accused (check your Bible about that sin) and harmed. Next, write down and publish in The New York Times and The Washington Post and The Chicago Tribune, and The LA Times an article listing the top 5 problems in your community and how you plan to address them. It apparently needs to be said that grammar and spelling should be checked. It was embarrassing to see “United States” misspelled in the legal document submitted by the ex-president’s lawyers. This could be true repentance, or at least a start.

According to Jewish beliefs, repentance includes saying more than “sorry”, especially when you turned around and accused the “media” of lying right after your apology. When presented with similar choices, you behave differently. You make restitution to those you have harmed. Make speeches and write articles about your true repentance and urge others to follow you. Then, you could ask Nancy Pelosi for a meeting to discuss the possibility of being allowed to work on committees.

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