Dear Mr. President – April 28, 2020

Dear Mr. President, What? You started talking earlier today than our usual time? I wish you had told me so I could have heard it all. Actually, I did hear some of it and I’m pretty familiar with the following sentences. “We’ve tested more than anyone else, times two”.  “We’re way ahead of testing butContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – April 28, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – April 27, 2020

Dear Mr. President, You came back!  Not like a second round of the virus (G-d forbid) but, to show us that you love being in front of the American People and telling us how successful the “opening up of our country” will be. We have tests, so many tests, more than any other country ofContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – April 27, 2020”