Dear Mr. President – August 17, 2020

August 17, 2020 Dear Mr. President, Please accept my condolences on the death of your dear younger brother, Robert. I didn’t know that he was not just your brother but also your “best friend”. That’s another level of loss. I know that people empathize with you at this time as so many have experienced theContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – August 17, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – August 9 – 12, 2020

August 9-12, 2020 Dear Mr. President, Do you have whiplash yet? I do. I started this letter on Sunday and added to it on Monday and thought about it on Tuesday and here we are, on Wednesday. It’s been a whiplash sort of week. Just think about all that has happened and not happened inContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – August 9 – 12, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – August 6, 2020

August 6, 2020 Dear Mr. President, Have you ever had a day where you don’t feel energetic and your mood is low? You must have days like this as everyone has, even Michelle Obama. I was so glad to read that she feels this way. It makes her seem so real and so relatable. SheContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – August 6, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – August 4, 2020

August 4, 2020 Dear Mr. President, Let’s talk again about your staff. They are so loyal, except the ones who “leak”, and smart, except you know who, and some of them are just adorable, like all the cute little blondes or blonde wannabes like Jarod. Maybe some of them are kind and moral, just notContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – August 4, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – August 3, 2020

August 3, 2020 Dear Mr. President, I have a number of issues to ask you about it today but right now I’m listening to your, not sure what to call it, briefing on “stuff”. You just finished asking people who survived the Donald Trump Virus to give that “incredible stuff you have in your veins”Continue reading “Dear Mr. President – August 3, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – August 1, 2020

August 1, 2020 Dear Mr. President, What a week! Thursday, in particular, was such an emotional and inspirational day. I’m referring to the funeral of Representative John Robert Lewis. You probably missed the beautiful and meaningful, somber and joyous ceremony but you can hear most of it on YouTube or other media. Three of ourContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – August 1, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – July 26, 2020

July 26, 2020 Dear Mr. President, Well, the weekend is almost over and tomorrow we are back to the old routine. Wait, routine? What routine? Our life on Groundhog Day continues for the 19th week or maybe into the 20th, depending on how you count the week everything stopped way back in March. B”H” (thankContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – July 26, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – July 22, 2020

July 22, 2020 Dear Mr. President, Well, I did get to watch episode 2 of the new season of “Corona Virus: Return of the Invisible Enemy”, which started yesterday. I have to be honest though, this show isn’t going to get renewed. It was supposed to be on at 5 but it didn’t start untilContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – July 22, 2020”