Dear Mr. President – April 26, 2020

Dear Mr. President, I miss you! You left without a goodbye, a two week notice, a farewell party or even a balloon bouquet. Was it something I wrote? Was it the new Randy Rainbow video? Just because people tease you or say something sarcastically, it doesn’t mean you have to turn your back and runContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – April 26, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – April 24, 2020

Dear Mr. President, So, I guess the show is over. Apparently, yesterday’s “briefing” was just too much for you. Instead of people understanding sarcasm and humor or appreciating the talents and new ideas you brought to us, the American people, and the “nasty” press made fun of you. I know you appreciate opportunities to verballyContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – April 24, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – April 23, 2020

Dear Mr. President, I think we have to talk a little bit about ventilators. We are all thrilled that there are enough to go around and no one has been turned down for one if they need it. Even those that had to share a ventilator with another person, or use a repurposed BiPap machineContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – April 23, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – April 22, 2020

Dear Mr. President, It’s 7:40 and you and VP Pence have been standing for almost two hours. You can stop now. Go rest. Both of you look a bit peaked and, to be honest, a little bored. Me too. As I have explained many times, these “briefings” are too long. They are not brief. MyContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – April 22, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – April 21, 2020

Dear Mr.President, I’m feeling pretty good, how about you? Everything is going great! We are Opening Up The Country Again (OUCA?). You told us you see a” light at the end of the tunnel” and “it’s getting brighter every day”. It’s time to break out the sunglasses. Things are so good that the USComfort (thatContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – April 21, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – April 20, 2020

Dear Mr. President, It was really nice to hear some other voices give us information tonight. I appreciate what they are doing. I am super impressed with General Semonite. He reminds me Sergeant Friday on the old tv show, Dragnet. “Just the facts, Ma’am, just the facts.” He was also on Rachel Maddow’s show, maybeContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – April 20, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – April 19, 2020

Dear Mr. President, I can’t tell you how intensely moved I was by your performance yesterday. I didn’t hear all of it as we went out for a walk. We always follow the President’s Corona Virus Task Force Guidelines for Slowing the Spread and keep at least 6 feet away from others and cover ourContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – April 19, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – April 18, 2020

Dear Mr. President, Shabbat Shalom, another week has gone by but today, despite it being Shabbat, a day of rest and comfort, I am sad and anxious. I am usually a cheerful, positive person with feelings of kindness and respect for others, but, I am now experiencing negative feelings about some people. I think youContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – April 18, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – April 17, 2020

Dear Mr. President, Good morning on this beautiful Michigan morning with snow falling softly on our deserted streets. It’s as if the world is being wiped clean of all “very bad things” and we are starting anew. I’m sorry I didn’t write to you yesterday as I know how much you look forward to hearingContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – April 17, 2020”

Dear Mr. President – April 15, 2020

Dear Mr. President, Can you believe those Democrats? It’s so terrible that they have not allowed you or Mitch McConnell to put thousands and thousands of Republican nominated judges into life time jobs without checking them out. And, all this stalling just to block you and your wishes. How can they be patriots if theyContinue reading “Dear Mr. President – April 15, 2020”