Dear Mr. President – April 23, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

I think we have to talk a little bit about ventilators. We are all thrilled that there are enough to go around and no one has been turned down for one if they need it. Even those that had to share a ventilator with another person, or use a repurposed BiPap machine or other” McGivered” device, at least had some help. You can consider yourself as thanked, blessed, praised, honored and incredible. You don’t have to thank me for mentioning it but, then again, I’m not part of the Fake News. Well, maybe I am?

It sure is exciting news that the Homeland Security something or other section guy gave us tonight. The Corona Virus’s half life is really cut short with higher temperatures and higher humidity. And, the sun, our amazing sun, can kill the virus! So, you were sort of right by saying it (the virus, not the sun) will go away in the summer. Maybe North? On the other hand, some countries with hot and humid weather, like Singapore, are seeing more cases. Apparently there were about 3,000 since the beginning of April. Today, The WHO (f you trust them) reported there was a 43% jump in cases on the African continent in one week! There might be some more studies that need to be done.

I also wanted to remind you that sometimes you should sleep on an idea or thought before you discuss it in front of the world. You have mentioned that you are not a doctor (multiple times)and you are just spitballing the ideas you have about how to cure the virus. It didn’t sound like Doctor Birx thinks your idea of “cleaning out the body with an injection” is a great idea. The cleaning that had previously been mentioned was bleach! Or, were you referring to sunlight, heat, UV rays or what? It was just an idea you had, not a recommendation, because you are not a doctor. Your ideas are incredible but maybe, just maybe, not quite ready for prime time.

The idea that sunlight could help is a great one especially if we continue social distancing. I wonder if you were thinking about playing some golf but maybe without an entourage? My friend, Steve, thinks this might be a way to open up golf courses. Is he right? You mentioned that Joe Biden is “a sleepy guy in a basement that isn’t moving around”. He must feel a lot like you since you are stuck in the White House and not moving around too much either. Maybe, when it’s the right time, the two of you could play a round of golf together. It’s just a suggestion, like you say, “I”m just here to present ideas”.

I want to go back to the ventilators. You seem to really need everyone to talk about them. You say there are now thousands and we don’t need them anymore. Why are we continuing to make them? You said that so many other countries really need them. Are you giving them away or selling them to those countries. Is this a new business venture for our Great American Companies? How much will these ventilators cost? What if the demand is not as great as the supply that we have or will have? I am not versed in macro economics but I know you know as much as the economists (“who have no idea”) because you have a great…. I think you were going to say brain but you didn’t finish the sentence, so what happens if the supply is greater than the demand?

One last question: Everyone is asking where you get your hair done. We are all looking forward to the day we can get a good haircut or dye job, if we need it. Who does yours?

Is he or she considered an “essential worker”?

Dear Mr. President – April 22, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

It’s 7:40 and you and VP Pence have been standing for almost two hours. You can stop now. Go rest. Both of you look a bit peaked and, to be honest, a little bored. Me too. As I have explained many times, these “briefings” are too long. They are not brief. My attention span has decreased significantly in the past five weeks. Or is it 10 weeks? It’s really hard to track time. It must be hard for you too because you seemed to lose focus when you read the remarks and sometimes the end of your sentences have nothing to do with the beginning of them. Remember, shorter is better.

You did pretty well reading the flowery stuff this evening that someone writes for you and you also did okay reading the numbers of different stuff but honestly, who cares anymore? You know “they” are just waiting for your riffs; the rants against the media, the Dems, Iran, or whomever and the bragging about how “great”, “incredible”,”terrific”, and”tremendous” everything is. Those of us who follow you know all of that already. We know how you are the best, smartest, strongest, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc, ever.

It’s good to know that you and your team are sort of on the same page regarding whether or not the Corona virus will return in the fall. Dr. Redfield and Dr. Fauci and Dr.Birx all said it will be here in the fall. My question is will it summer somewhere else? It isn’t gone now, even if the numbers are falling. You seemed to agree that it “will be smaller and we can contain it; it won’t be like what we’re going through now. It may not come back at all, or we will put it out fast”. I think that covers everything but you want to be an optimist. A couple of days ago you said “we will whack it”. Cool! With a board, stick or tennis racket? And, we will all get flu shots.

By the way, do you get flu shots? I was wondering because you don’t wear a mask and you stand close to people, especially VPPence. Also, you mentioned that you will take “great care of our seniors” (whew) but not me (you?). No one want to take care of me”. Oh dear, was that a joke or does the Secret Service need to know about this possible threat?

Speaking of jokes, there have been so many really good ones going around. Do you get the opportunity to see some of them on Facebook or other social media? There are parody songs and memes and pictures and really funny ones that help keep our spirits up. Also, on a different topic, you mentioned that ” We always win. Sometimes we don’t want to win. Sometimes we just go to a standstill”. Um, was that a joke or maybe you could clarify that remark. It was not understandable.

Go read some of the jokes. I’m sure your family can show you the best of them.

Dear Mr. President – April 21, 2020

Dear Mr.President,

I’m feeling pretty good, how about you? Everything is going great! We are Opening Up The Country Again (OUCA?). You told us you see a” light at the end of the tunnel” and “it’s getting brighter every day”. It’s time to break out the sunglasses. Things are so good that the USComfort (that big medical ship in New York harbor) is now going back to its base to get ready for “it’s next important mission”. The beaches are open in certain states, albeit, with some restrictions and tomorrow or the next day people in some states can finally get haircuts, pedicures and tattoos. I know for a fact that those are the first three things I want to get when Michigan relaxes the stay at home policy. For sure, the haircut.

Of course, I still have a few questions for you. You mentioned that you saw a little bit of some of the demonstrations that were going on in a few states but you saw people keeping their social distance. Did you see the demonstration in Michigan? Maybe you just heard the horns honking and you weren’t really looking but reading your briefing books. Those folks were not maintaining the social distance called for in the President’s Corona Task Force Guide to Slowing the Spread or the President’s Guide to Opening Up the Country Again. Those demonstrators seemed to really like you so maybe you could remind them about the guidelines. I don’t think they listen to Dr. Birx or read the website on what you expect. Also, they sounded a bit like some of the people in Charlottesville, Virginia. I know you learned that saying “good people on both sides” wasn’t a great slogan. My suggestion is you tell them you are working with the governors in a safe and healthy manner to restart economies. Maybe you could tell them to be patient for a bit longer and to check their mailboxes for the check you sent to them.

Another question for you is about your golf courses and other properties. You mentioned “my clubs”but then reminded yourself that your sons run them. Yes, they are closed and yes, the people who work there are home, but, are they being paid? Will they get their jobs back? Did your sons apply for any of the business loans or paycheck money to help out employees? I think that would be a nice gesture.

Also, one suggestion; the last two evenings of “briefings” (one and a half hours is a long time), you were pretty tame. There were only a few digs at media, China and past administrations and only about ten different brags about all the great stuff you have done. The word of the day was “TESTING”. It weighed in with about 25 hits. You hardly used “incredible” or “tremendous”. In short, you were boring and your ratings are going down. Maybe it is time to end these daily productions.

Dear Mr. President – April 20, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

It was really nice to hear some other voices give us information tonight. I appreciate what they are doing. I am super impressed with General Semonite. He reminds me Sergeant Friday on the old tv show, Dragnet. “Just the facts, Ma’am, just the facts.” He was also on Rachel Maddow’s show, maybe twice, and terrific both times. The next two guys were were also impressive. They talked about “testing” (which was the word of the day). Only problem was I didn’t have closed caption on and without it I can’t hear as fast as they talked and I’m not really sure who they are.

You, sir, seemed to be in a really good mood. In the first 15 minutes or so you used superlatives, and in a good way, more than 20 times, (your favorite, “incredible” and “great”, “fantastic, and “tremendous”) just in case you are keeping count. You also stuck to the topic of the evening, “TESTING” pretty well, except for telling General Semonite to talk about The Wall and how The Army Corps of Engineers is helping build it. We did learn a bit about oil, S. Korea, and heard a bit of the old rant about “countries used to take us to the cleaners” with bad deals or no contracts.

There was also a question about the Small Business Loan part of the CARES bill that is now out of money. It had to due with larger corporate businesses getting money and smaller, local businesses missing out. You mentioned that you “didn’t get any” (money, I assume)? Were you talking about your company, your hotels your golf courses or what? I thought you had turned the business part over to your sons, well the two older ones. Are you hurting for money?

I have a great idea of how to help you and your family’s business. You know how the checks to help people have your name on them? Instead of doing that, ask the US Mint to print new coins with your picture on them. I’m thinking the pennies. They are pretty much the right color and they could become collectors’ items. Also, they can be used as an activity. When our kids were young we would go to the local train tracks, put pennies on the rails and wait for the train to come by. Then the kids could collect the flattened coins. It was cool!

Dear Mr. President – April 19, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

I can’t tell you how intensely moved I was by your performance yesterday. I didn’t hear all of it as we went out for a walk. We always follow the President’s Corona Virus Task Force Guidelines for Slowing the Spread and keep at least 6 feet away from others and cover our mouth and nose with a mask if there are too many people. Walks are still allowed and even encouraged in Michigan. If we lived near a lake and owned a boat, we could go sit in it and fish. We haven’t read or heard of any arrests made for that or for planting roses or other plants.

It was very moving to hear your own words without the writers who give you the sappy speeches. Did you give them the day off yesterday? We could hear how deeply you feel about our current situation and how angry you are with, well, everyone; Democrats, governors, China, the media (of course), and everyone who blames you for everything bad. Of course, you knew that the President of the (United) States usually takes the blame for national news.

I am very uncomfortable with your degree of strong emotions. It makes me feel anxious and worried. There is a video on Youtube of a little girl who’s parents are getting divorced. She plaintively explains how she wants everyone to be “friends”. She doesn’t want them to be “too high but be low”, meaning the shouting. It’s so sweet and it’s a bit how I feel when you yell, say mean things about people and sound scary. It sounds like we are going through a divorce between you and some of our states and we are caught in the middle. Ron will attach the video I’m talking about below.

By the way, did you watch the One World Together at Home last night. It was wonderful. I do have more ideas for you to solve some problems but I’ll save them for another time. I’m still trying to calm down from yesterday’s excitement.

Dear Mr. President – April 18, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

Shabbat Shalom, another week has gone by but today, despite it being Shabbat, a day of rest and comfort, I am sad and anxious. I am usually a cheerful, positive person with feelings of kindness and respect for others, but, I am now experiencing negative feelings about some people. I think you could help.

Over the past two days we have seen videos, read articles and heard from you about protests in state capitols around the country, including here in Michigan. We have the President’s 30 Day Guide to Slowing the Spread. We have your words on following the Guidelines. We have Dr. F and Dr. B thanking us (the American People) and, VP Pence talking about us, The American People (10 times in less than 10 minutes) helping out. It’s not as many times as he thanks you, Mr. President (14 times in as many minutes), but clearly we, the American People, are doing our best.

But, now the big news is that Right Wing Protestors are finding a megaphone in your tweets and spoken words! You want some followers to LIBERATE MICHIGAN, LIBERATE MINNESOTA, LIBERATE VIRGINIA? That sounds pretty serious and quite scary. The pictures from Michigan include folks with semi automatic weapons and Trump signs with Nazi symbols, and scary Halloween masks. Are you calling for some kind of violent overthrow of the democratically elected state governments? If so, DON,T!!!! That is NOT GOOD! VERY BAD!

I am also very confused. A few days ago you spoke elegant words (written by someone, probably not Stephen Miller) about unity and hope and blah blah blah. What happened? You spoke about how great the governors are and how well you are getting along with them and you will help them (from afar) but they know their states and counties, etc. etc. And now, you are calling for an overthrow of their administrations? Seriously? Remember that I suggested you sleep on your thoughts at least overnight before you say or write them.

Have a good day sir. And, remind Ivanka and Jarod that we are still maintaining social distancing and limiting travel. Did you know they flew to your golf course, Bedminster, in New Jersey for their Pesach seder? The rest of us were on Zoom with family and friends. I hope that all the workers at Bedminster had their temperatures taken, were tested for the virus and washed their hands. I also hope that Ivanka and Jarod did that too so as not to infect them.

Dear Mr. President – April 17, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

Good morning on this beautiful Michigan morning with snow falling softly on our deserted streets. It’s as if the world is being wiped clean of all “very bad things” and we are starting anew.

I’m sorry I didn’t write to you yesterday as I know how much you look forward to hearing from me. I started on another round of Big Bang Theory reruns and ended up with Chicago P.D, a show that I don’t really like but I couldn’t bear to watch any more news. I did manage to catch a bit of your uplifting message yesterday. You started with “He’s taken the departed into his eternal loving embrace of greatest glory”. How inspirational! Did you come up with that all by yourself or does Stephen Miller still write these words? I know how comforted I felt when I heard this.

Anyhow, the Federal Guidelines for OUAA (Open Up America Again- so catchy) seem to be reasonable and sensible.

It was comforting to hear that you will “allow” the governors to “open their states” and that you have “empowered them to use their powers”. That is incredibly kind and wise of you. Of course, they had already begun this process and have also banded together regionally to work together. They seem to all agree that there is one huge problem and that is the testing needed to accomplish this. You are so right about the Federal government not being set up in a Walmart parking lot testing hordes of people. I don’t think that is what the governors are asking for. Maybe you could listen to the transcript of your call with them to understand exactly what they are asking for.

I do have a few ideas I’d like to run by you. It seems that we have run out of the money for small businesses and unemployment benefits. Obviously more money is needed. Maybe you can convince Mitch to agree to add more money into the new bill being worked on. Tell him it’s for hospitals, the Post Office, election security and other very important needs. I’m sure if you weigh in on this he will listen.

Here are some fund raising ideas. 1) You said you donate your salary but didn’t say to where. Maybe you can designate it for the hourly workers at your golf clubs who have lost their jobs? 2)You keep telling us that the US companies are “incredible” and “we had the greatest economy in the history of the world”. So, maybe, those companies have some money in a savings account for a rainy day. Then they wouldn’t need so much money from the Federal government and that money could go to the 22 million unemployed or their former small business? 3) I get a bit confused when you say one thing (“I have absolute power”) on Tuesday and then something completely opposite ( “We will allow them to stay closed if they need to”) on Thursday.

Maybe, just maybe, you should wait 24 or 48 hours to make decisions. Sleep on it.

Dear Mr. President – April 15, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

Can you believe those Democrats? It’s so terrible that they have not allowed you or Mitch McConnell to put thousands and thousands of Republican nominated judges into life time jobs without checking them out. And, all this stalling just to block you and your wishes. How can they be patriots if they challenge you all the time? On the other hand, did you know that as of last November (almost 5 months ago), the House of Representatives passed over 400 bills that Mitch McConnell has not allowed to be debated or brought up in any way by the Senate? He is so savvy. He also managed not to allow a candidate for the Supreme Court to even come up for a vote. Unbelievable!

Speaking of Democrats, (and probably some governors), are you ready for the push back you may get from some of today’s comments? You said, a number of times “We have the right to do whatever we want to do”. I am pretty sure there may be a problem with that. You also mentioned that you have the constitutional power to adjourn Congress. That’s INCREDIBLE!!! As you always say, We’ll see what happens.

It’s also” incredible” (only 10 times tonight), that you have managed to conduct more than 3 years of press conferences into a month long TV show! And, I read that you were thinking about starting a call in radio show! Wow! Wouldn’t that have been something.

Also, apparently you didn’t know that your name is on the checks that are going out to individuals and small businesses. But, as you said, “I’m sure they will be happy to get a check with my name on it.”. I was also surprised to learn that the World Health Organization is a tool of the Chinese who are lying about their numbers of infections and deaths. It’s as if you can’t believe anything your friend, Xi, with whom you have a “great relationship”, says, except the amount of money his country is paying this country because of the greatest deal in history. I hope they aren’t lying about their end of the deal.

It was nice to see VPPence again. He’s been coming on the President Trump Show so late that I’ve already turned to the Big Bang Theory. Actually, tonight there is an NCIS Marathon. I love that show. Anyhow, he managed to mention the word “president” 17 times in only 6 minutes! That might be a new record. Congratulations.

I am looking forward to hearing about your call with the 50 governors tomorrow. I am pretty sure they are looking forward to it too.

Dear Mr. President – April 15, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

One of my letters got lost in the mail but we (my husband, not me) are/is trying to retrieve the letter so you can read it. You haven’t really written back to me but I’m pretty sure you can imagine how much I am trying to reach you.

The days, weeks and now months of isolation, social distancing and loneliness are weighing on everyone. I’m sure you feel it as well. Most of your contacts are by phone, not in person. Maybe that is why you stand so close to VPPence on the podium and mention all of your friends. You must miss them very much. You seem to have a very large social group. You spent much of yesterday mentioning some of them. I started to count: Companies-12, Unions- maybe 15 or more, Defense – only 5, Energy -more than 10, Food and Beverage -15, Transportation -7, Telecommunications -5, Health Care – 25(!), Technology -13, Sports-I lost track at about 17 and Thought Leaders (the smartest)-13. Religious leaders are part of this group too but you haven’t spoken to them yet. Anyhow, I am not familiar with all their names but you seem to be very friendly with some of them.

I did have a couple of questions about this list: Why did you mention everyone’s name when we all don’t know them? Are you having a teleconference with all these people to plan something like a grand opening of a mall? Do you know how to Mute people on Zoom? One more question, you mentioned the unions and the name James Hoffa!!!!! Are you talking about Jimmy Hoffa? I don’t think he will participate in any teleconference. Anyhow, let me be your cheerleader as you are trying so hard to be ours. I found a quote from my religious sources that may be helpful. I may be able to find a few more to help you make decisions about our country and the humans that live here.

Today we read from a Torah portion about the crossing of the Red Sea (tradition says it occurred on what we say is the 7th day of Pesach). A commentator (R. Yaakov Kamenetsky) says Pharaoh teaches us an important lesson in human nature. “When a person’s own interests are involved and his desires aroused, he can rationalize everything in his favor.”

Dear Mr. President – April 13, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

Whew, I am really exhausted! How about you? You look pretty good with your tan and hair not flying around like it does when you yell over the helicopter. You also have tremendous, incredible stamina! How do you stand for over two hours and strain your voice with such orations and not collapse in exhaustio? I was sitting and watching (not for all of it but in between repeats of the Big Bang Theory) and I’m exhausted. 

I really am super tired and a wee bit bored. Maybe it’s because I have heard you mention shutting the border down from China and then Europe a few hundred times. Maybe more? Maybe it’s just that staying home and not doing too much is a wee bit boring. Maybe it’s just me but I bet others feel the same way. I don’t think the journalists have forgotten how smart you were to “shut it down” but I don’t think you change any of their minds by yelling at them and calling them names. However, the video was a great example of how creative people in your administration can be. It was so classy and maybe they can enter it into a short video competition. Will we be seeing any more of these videos? Do you think someone will try and fact check it. It really drove home the point about how this crisis shouldn’t be about politics. 

I do have a suggestion for the journalists- don’t come to these marathons. Don’t ask the President questions you know he has either answered before or won’t answer or will yell at you. It’s a waste of all our time. Ask technical questions of the experts that will actually help all of us to understand what happened today or this week. Please. By the way, I love the NYTimes and read it every day. I also read RealClear Politics, RedState, Huffpost and CNN and sometimes a few others so I’m not brainwashed by the NYT.

I do have a question for the President: What happened with the War on Drugs? Last week, or maybe it was two weeks ago (we all have lost track of time) you had an entire array of military officials and Attorney General Barr (??!!) giving us details about a new mission. What has happened since then? I tried to find out by going on the website of the Justice Department but all the information was from 2011 through 2020. AGBarr told us that the ships and planes had already been deployed. Maybe this is a secret mission even though you gave about an hour’s worth of information on TV. Please update us.