Dear Mr. President – March 21, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

This is my 3rd letter to you in as many days.

I’m so glad you are looking better. I hope you had a good night sleep and maybe didn’t watch too much tv.

Actually, you did a pretty good job reading the notes your staff wrote for you. You also seemed to pay attention to the others when they were talking for a longer time than the past few days. I think you may have paid attention to some of the “nasty” questions you have been asked. You managed to not try to disparage (that means put them down or diss them) until closer to the end of your time on the stage.

Fun new drinking game: Every time the Vice President mentions the word “president”, take a sip. I counted 19 times just during his report and I may be on my second glass of wine. . He added the word more times as he “answered” questions.

The public still has questions including time until delivery of critical needs for protection and equipment. An estimate is fine but “soon” is not. Also, what, exactly, and how, exactly, will the national emergency service be doing? Will they build additional field hospitals as the local government in Washington is doing? Will they bring hospital beds or cots, or linens or machines or nurses or doctors? Toilet paper?

Thank you for all that you are doing. It’s always good to hear from your experts.

Dear Mr. President – March 20, 2020

Dear President Trump,

Again.thank you for trying your best to explain what is currently happening with your administration. I would encourage you to let the professionals talk about the details especially regarding the science. Despite your best efforts, I end up much more concerned and anxious after you speak. I really reacted to your comments to the journalist about a “nasty question” about what to tell the country about their fears. The question did not frighten me but your reaction did. Please don’t do that. It’s not good for those listening and it can’t be good for you.

This is my second letter to you.

Following today’s conference I have a few more questions and one serious concern for you. The questions include what does declaring a National Emergency allow the Federal Government to do? What ever they can do, did they begin doing it on the day you declared an emergency. If not, when, exactly, will those actions begin? Are you able to speak in an honest manner about the lack of equipment available for states, hospitals and especially, front line health workers? You said there are millions of masks available. Are they actually on the way to the states today, Friday, March 20?

Finally, you answered a question from a reporter who said that the people on the ground are complaining about the lack of equipment. You answered that you had not heard about that. Is it possible that your staff isn’t giving you the correct information?

Here is a suggestion, maybe re-order the NT TImes and the Washington Post papers.

Thank you and get some rest. You still look very tired.

Dear Mr. President – March 19, 2020

Dear Mr. President,Thank you for trying to help our country through this “National Emergency” and be the voice to calm and console the nation. You look tired and worried. Maybe you should take a vacation or go to Mar-a-Lago, if it hasn’t been closed down. Maybe you should just let the professionals (you say they are the very best in the world) talk to us and update us every day. It would be much more helpful to hear the updates without your thoughts as they tend toward random and incomplete and nonsensical and erroneous. Thank you and go home and rest. Maybe watch some TV