Dear Mr. President – March 27, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

You must be so tired, I know I am after listening to you speak for such a long time (an hour). It’s almost Shabbat so I have to write this letter in a hurry so we can enjoy our Shabbat dinner. It’s just the two of us instead of our normal 4 generations’ dinner. We miss having our Dad, our children, my brother and sister-in-law and one of our nieces. Sometimes all three of our children and their families. Sometimes, Ron’s sister, brother in-law and brother and sister- in- law and nephews and a great nephew. Sometimes another niece and her husband and two incredibly cute children. In other words, we miss our normal and we will miss our normal Passover Seder as well when we would see another nephew and his wife as well as a number of friends, acquaintances or others looking for a seder.

But, back to you. Please save your voice and strength. We get it, usually by the third of fourth time you tell us. You have done so much and we try and try to thank you so that you feel the love but please don’t take questions or concerns as disrespect. Maybe you think that the questions or concerns are disrespect but maybe it’s because I and maybe others, need to hear from the doctors before my attention span wanders. The medical personnel on the front lines are “incredible”. By the way, “incredible” wins the Word Of The Day Award today. Twenty times! Actually “great” or “greatly” was used 25 times but it is used so much that I’m giving the award to “incredible”. I stopped listening and didn’t hear how many times VP Pence said “president”.

Anyhow, the medical people in our family who are really on the front lines, including the ER and a Covid floor, really still need equipment, especially the PPE. Your administration has sent a lot but it’s a drop in the bucket. Detroit needs MORE!

Speaking of Detroit, I need to tell you something important. You know how I feel about you and the efforts your administration is making, but….. We love the women in our state. We love Debbie Dingell and we love Elissa Slotkin and especially, our governor, Gretchen Whitmer. As a Michigander I am deeply upset about how you speak about her. She has lots of ideas and is in complete control of what is needed in our state. Everyone is frustrated that, despite your team’s efforts, Michigan health workers do not have the equipment they need.

One last thought, well, actually a question. When you declare a National Emergency, doesn’t that mean the federal government leads the way? Doesn’t it mean that the governors are looking for national coordination of information and resources?

Anyhow, you must miss your weekend at Mara-Lago but it is not a good time to go there. Get some rest. Shabbat shalom.

Dear Mr. President – March 26, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

I had hoped to hear your entire performance this evening but, unfortunately, I had other things to do (cleaning for Pesach, a Bat Mitzvah lesson with a younger friend and a Zoom happy hour with girlfriends.). Still, I did manage to hear a bit of it and it sounds like everything is terrific, tremendous, great and incredible. Despite only hearting about 15 minutes worth of the briefing/rally, you used those words 39 times. Wow! That’s amazing! I know everyone is feeling a lot better after hearing how positive you are. And, I know that it is all due to your incredible, very strong and tremendous leadership because you told us that at least 19 times during the short period I listened. I may have missed a few. I just want to let you know that you do not need to repeat everything you say over and over (about 20 repetitions that I counted) because we so closely follow what you have to say. I’m sure there is a transcript of what you say as well, so that it is recorded for history. The numbers, the numbers; it’s hard to follow all of them. It looks like you are counting them for us and they are very high numbers. Hundreds, thousands and millions of masks, other equipment and unemployed, and money from the tax payers. Thank you so much.

By the way, what are all the governors giving you in return because I read that this is a 2-way street. What do you need? Thanks you for not taking a salary? A gold star? Think about how they can repay you for invoking a National Disaster and then acting on it, sort of. I also read that you think some counties are safer from the virus and can return to normal very quickly. They will be able to congregate in crowded churches.

You do know that those of us who celebrate Pesach (Passover) congregate in crowded living rooms to read the Haggadah and eat, a lot. We aren’t doing that this year so, thanks, we are saving a lot of money by not needing to cook for large crowds.

I did not hear VP Pence tonight so I don’t know how much to drink but maybe someone can let me know. PS: Some people (a sister-in-law and a daughter) wrote to local radio stations to ask them not to play these daily updates. For some reason, they think you are using them as rallies and not really letting the experts (they are incredible) speak enough.

Dear Mr. President – March 25, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

What an uplifting update today. First, congratulations on your approval numbers going up. Do you think it is because the public see how’s positive you are and how hard you are working, even without getting paid? Second, wow! What a great job you are doing for the country and for your friends, you know, people you like very much, even if they don’t, maybe, like you.

It’s so interesting to hear from you about all the great things you have done for our country. Without you we would be in such horrible shape. Did you think we forget about all of these great things and you have to remind us again (and again and again and again)?Third, what a relief to know the country will “open up” soon. I guess that means we get to go to restaurants and movies in certain parts of the country. It does seem that the medical community doesn’t agree with that. Apparently they want to keep the country “closed” for two years or so. Hmm…I didn’t know that. I thought they were just worrying about our health and the health of our country. Anyhow, it does look like the stimulus bill may pass and some help will get to people in need within the next few months. It’s good that you were so involved and will get so much credit for all the tremendous things it will do for our great workers. Seriously, good job.

Tonight’s questions include: A) Why is it you that speak the most when it the Covid update is supposed to be a summary of what happened today? B) Could VP Pence give the summary and then the two doctors (so good to know they are still there) tell us the science side of the work?, C) Where did VP Pence get the blue sheet of paper with 15 Days to Slow the Spread?

I actually looked on line this morning and saw that we are supposed to wash our hands, keep a distance and call our doctors if we feel sick but I didn’t see the blue paper. By the way, the update this morning on the site was from Monday. Who is supposed to update the site? Is that person okay? Also, cool name for the piece of paper, 15 Days to Slow the Spread.

As far as VP Pence goes, we were on a walk while you were all talking so I’m not sure I completely got the entire count of his saying “president”. It was either 14 or 15.

But, I did think of a new game- Who’s Missing? It’s like the game we used to play with our children when they were very young. While we waited at restaurants we had them line up a number of objects like salt, pepper, ketchup bottle, fork, etc. Then they closed their eyes and we took one item away and they had to guess What’s Missing! Every day there are new people on the podium with the president. Just saying…..

Dear Mr. President – March 24, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you for today’s update. It was shorter than the marathons over the last few days. Maybe that is because your administration is doing so great (you used that word 17 times) that there is less to tell. It was also so hopeful to hear that the country will “open up” to commerce but the decisions will be “grounded in facts”. We haven’t heard that before.

I did notice that the current facts indicate we haven’t quite reached the peak despite your comment that “we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel”. But, this will all be over very soon (7 times). We will have a “victory over the virus”. It’s running scared.

But, as usual, I have a few more questions that weren’t asked or answered today. Who is currently in charge of the Federal Government’s actions on the health crisis? This week? Next week? When?. -Great job working on this issue.

I also have a suggestion. I’m not an economist and I never do story problems but….. Could the CEO’ s of the “incredible”, “tremendous”, “great” companies perhaps contribute some of the millions of dollars they received as bonus checks after 2009 bail out to pay their employees? You mentioned that until four weeks ago the companies didn’t have a problem.

I think I speak for others when I say it was a relief to see that Dr. Fauci is okay, or, at least he was there on the podium. Also, I was able to finish a bottle of wine because VP Pence, despite speaking for only a few minutes, managed to mention “the President” 19 times! This might be a record.

Dear Mr. President – March 23, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

This is my 5th letter and I feel like we are really getting to know one another better.

I didn’t used to watch you or read your words every day and now I do. You didn’t used to read my Facebook page and now, I think, you are. So, that’s happened.

I was so interested in today’s press/nation briefing. Where did everyone go? Where was Dr. Fauci? You know everyone worries about him but maybe he got an opportunity to rest. What happened to the FEMA leader and the Surgeon General? Are they okay? We saw AG Barr. He looked okay, a little serious but then he’s pretty worried about hoarding and price gouging. Was he going to help deliver any of the PPE’s to medical staff? I sure hope so.

We have lots of nurses and a doctor in our family and we are worried about them. The one who works in an ER reports not enough equipment. Is it because someone somewhere else is hoarding it? I know how much you are worried about the economy and I am very glad to know you are on it. It’s impressive that you have so many great advisors with sage advice on how soon to “open” the country up and help our great large corporations, like Boeing. Whew.

I read that Jarrod is now advising you on this. Oh good, he’s been so great at all his other jobs. True confession, I am also a bit worried about thinking about ending all the restrictions on our population in about a week. It really didn’t sound like the health professionals think this is a good idea. I’ve read that they think this is a “disaster”. I’m not an economist or a health professional, but maybe you should wait a bit longer to try and restart the economy. I know you can do two things at one time but maybe just wait a bit longer. Please.

By the way, I was a bit disappointed in VP Pence. He only mentioned you 12 times. I missed the last part of the briefing so maybe he kicked it up a bit more. On the other hand, you used the words “soon”13 times, “tremendous” 10 and “great”, well, I lost count.

You are so positive and I know we can all feel more hope.

Except the medical community and those who’s loved ones are sick.

Dear Mr. President – March 22, 2020

Dear Mr President,

I guess I’m writing a daily letter. After all, we are at war with an unseen enemy. We need the daily updates. I’m happy to hear that the war is going so well. It’s good to know you are getting along great with all the governors, especially Cuomo. I forgot Gavin’s last name but you know it. But, I do remember the name of Washington’s governor, it’s Inslee. Maybe that wasn’t on your notes?

All the numbers are very impressive. It’s a start. A late start, but that’s because China didn’t tell you about this virus. How can that be your fault? It’s also good to know you are worried about the Congress people who have tested positive, especially Senator Romney.

You sounded so sad. I have one suggestion. The press conferences are too long. I think they could be shortened by about an hour. Information should be said once and not repeated over and over. Certain words should be off limits. “I”, “Strong” and “Strongly”, “Terrific”, and the phrases “no one ever knew”, “no one every did this before” and “I feel” (when it is connected to facts) Also, quit blaming everything on someone else.

I am disappointed in VP Pence. He only used the word ”President”only 11 times. That’s not enough to finish a glass of wine.

Dear Mr. President – March 21, 2020

Dear Mr. President,

This is my 3rd letter to you in as many days.

I’m so glad you are looking better. I hope you had a good night sleep and maybe didn’t watch too much tv.

Actually, you did a pretty good job reading the notes your staff wrote for you. You also seemed to pay attention to the others when they were talking for a longer time than the past few days. I think you may have paid attention to some of the “nasty” questions you have been asked. You managed to not try to disparage (that means put them down or diss them) until closer to the end of your time on the stage.

Fun new drinking game: Every time the Vice President mentions the word “president”, take a sip. I counted 19 times just during his report and I may be on my second glass of wine. . He added the word more times as he “answered” questions.

The public still has questions including time until delivery of critical needs for protection and equipment. An estimate is fine but “soon” is not. Also, what, exactly, and how, exactly, will the national emergency service be doing? Will they build additional field hospitals as the local government in Washington is doing? Will they bring hospital beds or cots, or linens or machines or nurses or doctors? Toilet paper?

Thank you for all that you are doing. It’s always good to hear from your experts.

Dear Mr. President – March 20, 2020

Dear President Trump,

Again.thank you for trying your best to explain what is currently happening with your administration. I would encourage you to let the professionals talk about the details especially regarding the science. Despite your best efforts, I end up much more concerned and anxious after you speak. I really reacted to your comments to the journalist about a “nasty question” about what to tell the country about their fears. The question did not frighten me but your reaction did. Please don’t do that. It’s not good for those listening and it can’t be good for you.

This is my second letter to you.

Following today’s conference I have a few more questions and one serious concern for you. The questions include what does declaring a National Emergency allow the Federal Government to do? What ever they can do, did they begin doing it on the day you declared an emergency. If not, when, exactly, will those actions begin? Are you able to speak in an honest manner about the lack of equipment available for states, hospitals and especially, front line health workers? You said there are millions of masks available. Are they actually on the way to the states today, Friday, March 20?

Finally, you answered a question from a reporter who said that the people on the ground are complaining about the lack of equipment. You answered that you had not heard about that. Is it possible that your staff isn’t giving you the correct information?

Here is a suggestion, maybe re-order the NT TImes and the Washington Post papers.

Thank you and get some rest. You still look very tired.

Dear Mr. President – March 19, 2020

Dear Mr. President,Thank you for trying to help our country through this “National Emergency” and be the voice to calm and console the nation. You look tired and worried. Maybe you should take a vacation or go to Mar-a-Lago, if it hasn’t been closed down. Maybe you should just let the professionals (you say they are the very best in the world) talk to us and update us every day. It would be much more helpful to hear the updates without your thoughts as they tend toward random and incomplete and nonsensical and erroneous. Thank you and go home and rest. Maybe watch some TV