Dear Mr. President – June 15, 2020

Dear Mr. President,
Hello and I hope you are okay. A lot of people are saying you had some difficulty walking down a ramp and getting a glass of water to your mouth without spilling it. I am here to defend you!!! You are 74 and there is no way you should walk down a ramp (slippery or not) without holding on! What is wrong with people? I think it is a law or a rule or simple common sense, that after a certain age (which is different for everyone but over 70, for sure) a person should hold on to a rail. Apparently there was no rail so whomever walked you down should have held your hand. As far as missing your mouth or having trouble lifting the glass with only one hand, tell everyone to relax. You probably don’t use your reading glasses for the teleprompter but for the close up stuff, like eating and drinking. You should probably wear your glasses. Or, it use a lighter glass.
I’m so glad that I don’t have any responsibility to make suggestions on how to improve public safety in this country. Thank goodness that so many mayors and citizens, protestors and police officers are having the conversation and ability to make the changes that are needed. You probably don’t need to think up any new ideas. Remember, the report on Twenty First Century Policing is already done (Obama administration). I did have one thought, instead of calling the police a “force” we could call them, “community safety officers” or something like that. The word “force” already makes people think of violence.The “Community Safety Officers” could still look out for criminals and dangerous people but leave illegal parking, jogging in the street or sleeping in your own bed to others. Let’s leave the weapons of war for the Armed Forces (see, there’s that word again) and the idea of “going to war” to them as well. If the Army, Navy and Air Force (!) doesn’t need all their weapons, you could use some of that money for the “Community Safety Officers”. I’m sure other people have some great new ideas.
I was so glad to hear your words of comfort for the family of the man killed in Atlanta a few nights ago. It’s good to hear a president extending sympathy to a family in grief. Oh, wait, that wasn’t you? My bad. Usually The President does speak with the family and listens to them. Sometimes there is even an anecdote or story that the family tells the Leader of the Country and that person then shares it with the nation. I remember President Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama, going to Newtown and spending hours consoling the parents, families, citizens of that horrible tragedy. They were truly consolers in Chief.
You can spend your free time on a new stump speech. The old material sounds trite and so four years ago. The wall, immigration, climate, international relations, you can check those off of your “To Do list. Surely you could come up with a positive vision for restoring trust in our government, uniting all our people, a plan to pay for Infrastructure, or so many other projects. Try and come up with some new material that will show your kinder, gentler side. Or not.

Dear Mr. President – June 14, 2020

June 14 2020

Dear Mr. President,

This will be just a quick note to thank you for caring for all Americans as much as you do. I know you were concerned when I wrote about being nauseous and, you know, I don’t need to spell it out. I’m not pregnant (that would be a real miracle) and whatever it was is gone and I’m fine. You didn’t need to call or write to check on me. I know your heart and how much it cares for all of us and how much we care about you. So, let’s discuss your health for a minute.

You have had several tough weeks of dealing with weak mayors and governors who seem to love their cities, states and citizens so much that they want to continue to help them. You have had to deal with Biblegate and defend your freedom to hold the Bible any way you want. You had to pretend not to hear Dr. Faucci warn us that the “you know what virus” isn’t over and numbers are rising in many areas. Finally, you started to plan your own events now that you realize Ivanka and Hope should not do the planning. There’s a lot on your plate. How’s your blood pressure?

It’s none of my business what medications you take (except the two weeks on the H- drug). But, surely, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure must be of some concern. Maybe the first is from your diet and lack of exercise but the second must be affected by your angry outbursts, lack of control of negative emotions and yelling or really loud tweeting. I would like to offer one solution to being so mad at so many people (besides the deep breathing that we already discussed). It has the added attraction of being fun! I used this with a lot of middle schoolers and they loved this idea. Here it is: right down the person’s name on a piece of paper. You can press really hard, even so hard that the paper rips a little. Then tear the paper into little tiny pieces and, here’s the best part, FLUSH THE PAPER DOWN THE TOILET. Right? Wasn’t that fun?

So, OKLAHOMA – O K L A H O M A. Have you been singing the song? “Where the waving wheat, can sure smell sweet, when the wind comes right behind the rain”. Is there a verse about Covid-19 and no masks, a closed environment and a lot of time for you to expel fluids?

Dear Mr. President – June 13, 2020

June 13 2020

Dear Mr. President,

I know it’s Shabbat but the letter I was writing to you yesterday afternoon was interrupted by a bout of nausea and vomiting. I don’t think it was related to what you were doing or saying or tweeting, but I haven’t ruled anything out. Anyhow, I feel better today even though I’m still worried and a little nauseous from the news about an increase in Covid-19 cases and deaths and, well, everything else.

I do have to apologize for misrepresenting your trip to Dallas. I wrote that you were there for a roundtable on Transition to Greatness: Restoring, Rebuilding and Renewing. That’s what was on the official President’s Daily Schedule. But, it seemed to be, instead, about race relations and policing. If so, was there a reason not to have the Dallas Police Chief, the Dallas County Sheriff and the District Attorney present at that “discussion”. Did you know -or did your campaign staff or “advisors” know they are all African Americans? It seems like they should have been there, but the schedule makers made a big mistake. Also, whomever writes the President’s Daily Schedule didn’t get the message that the “discussion” was about a different topic. It turned out that the real reason you were there was campaign fundraising at someone’s house. So, the other stuff wasn’t really important anyway.

This leads me to ask you about your advisors. They all seem to be have terrible advice, poor information and do sloppy planning. First, Ivanka and Hope encouraged you to show off a Bible in a picture that has already become mocked and criticized around the globe. So, don’t let them plan any more photo ops. Then, someone planned your upcoming rallies in states that are experiencing much higher infection and hospitalization rates than even a few weeks ago. That seems like a bad idea. It’s as if they didn’t think this all the way through. Telling people not to wear masks and to sign waivers that if they get sick they won’t sue you. Everyone knows that you don’t like looking at, or wearing, masks but the waivers are also not a good look. Well, the bad idea is having rallies right now but you really, really need to feel the love, so, go for it. What could possibly go wrong?

I was going to talk about your speech writers…..but, I’ve got nothing. They have some fancy language but they are never original or poetic or – well, interesting. What I am trying to say is they are BORING and you look weird trying to read off of a teleprompter. It just isn’t you. Please, be yourself. Use your own words and “thoughts”. I love the comparison you made between you and President Lincoln that you said in a recent interview. “I’ve done more for the Black community than any other president including President Lincoln”. “He did good…although it’s always questionable, you know, the end result”. It’s so you! How about the recent quote from Dallas on racism, “We have to get everyone in the same path…I think we’re going to do it very easily and it will go quickly and it will go very easily”. Last, but never the end of great quotes that really show off your personality and skills, “We are dominating the streets with compassion because we’e saving lives, saving business.”
At least you changed the date of the upcoming Tulsa, Oklahoma rally from June 19, also known as Juneteenth to the next day. Everyone will know how sensitive you are to the history of that day.

If you just stick to your guts and brains you will do fine. Your base will love you and eat it up…..if they don’t get sick and …….

Dear Mr. President – June 11, 2020

June 11 2020
Dear Mr. President,
So, a funny thing happened yesterday evening when I sat down to write you a letter. The power went off!! INFRASTRUCTURE!!!!!
We had big storms and a tree fell on a transformer (not the toys that turn from machines into alien fighters) and there was a fire and fire fighters (so glad for their quick response) and then we had no power for about 20 hours. And, that is why I didn’t write you a letter. I had already checked your schedule for the day to see what you were doing for the American People. You had an intelligence briefing scheduled for 11:45 and then another intelligence briefing at 12:30. The obvious conclusion is that whomever presents the briefing to you does it twice, allowing you to review the material like for a test.
Today you flew to Dallas for a round table discussion on “Transition to Greatness: Restoring, Rebuilding and Renewing”. What a clever title, three “R'” words in a row. Very catchy. Then you went to dinner or at least snacks at a private residence that I assume is connected to the excitement building around your re-election campaign. You will be back in the saddle, on the trail, riding into Oklahoma for an old time, fun filled, crammed arena to replay all your old favorites. Your fans can’t wait even if they have to sign a disclaimer that if they get Covid-19, it’s not your fault.
But, actually, I wanted to ask you about culture. I know, it’s kind of funny, because you are not known to enjoy any of the arts, literature, music, theater or even puppet shows, that many previous presidents have had at the White House. The closest thing to a cultural event was a visit from Kid Rock and Ted Nugent but they just came to say “Hi”. I loved the programs that the Obamas had back in their day. There was an amazing variety of music and artists representing all aspects of American music. They had poetry readings, many from young poets. Oh, and remember the play Hamilton? It was so cool to see school children invited to the White House to see the President and First Lady and have a close up view of much of the most celebrated play of our era. Plus, it was tied to their curriculum as they studied early American history. Wasn’t that a creative and inclusive way to teach this subject?
I bring up this subject only because I recently saw a PBS special on Leonard Cohen. Surely, you must know some of his music: “Suzanne”, “So Long Marianne”, and of course, “Halleluyah”. Did you know that he was from Canada? So most of the performers were Canadian. It was such a beautiful concert and so inspiring and deeply emotional. The highlight for me was K.D. Lang singing Halleluyah as I have never heard it before. Absolutely stunning. I am recommending you listen to it. There is a line that reminded me of you “But you don’t really care for music, do ya?” It may be another strategy for you to learn about compassion and empathy. Remember I suggested acting lessons for you a few weeks ago?
I am really worried about your seeming lack of real compassion about the state of the country and the world. Despite reading the words that someone writes for you, it never seems authentic. When you told us we need to have “compassion” it was just weird and creepy. So, here is my new suggestion: if you don’t want to watch how to act on Master Class (it’s an app that I suggested to you would be helpful if you want to be funny), take an acting class from Penny on The Big Bang Theory (I mentioned that a few weeks ago) or listen to music that moves people to feel love and compassion, quit trying!!! Go to Oklahoma or Texas or North Carolina and do what you do best. Those who love the act will eat it up and those who don’t, won’t. Just be yourself and we’ll see how it all works out.

Dear Mr. President – June 9, 2020

June 9 2020

Dear Mr. President,
Did you miss me? We haven’t “communicated” since Friday when you were busy on your trip to Maine. It looks like you solidified your support from the lobster fishermen. I have missed you too, but seeing as you took the last few days off, so did I. Yesterday you had lunch with VPPence. So, what did you have to eat? Do you get to choose from a menu or do you just get the house salad? Today you are meeting wit the Secretary of State but no lunch? How about a little snack? I could bake some cookies and send them over.
It looks like your big crises are over and solved, perfectly. Your Corona Virus emergency is over; not ours. The numbers of people with infections and the sad numbers of deaths are still rising every day. I think yesterday was the highest single day of new infections reported! It also looks like the economic emergency is over with a good jobs rating report last week. I do have one question about it. Are the 2 million new jobs that were reported brand new jobs or people returning to their old jobs? Paul Krugman says it is good news for now (and he is a Nobel prize wining economist so he can be trusted, but be careful. He says the Federal government should continue to support the economy and the workers. I think he means don’t worry too much about Big Ag, Airlines and Large Corporations. Concentrate (if you can) on mortgages and rent supports, hourly workers, people who can’t work because there are no child care centers open yet, and the millions who live pay check to pay check.
But, about this new crisis….not sure your tweets are helping. Really not sure your AGBarr is helping. Pretty sure the new fence with razor wire on top isn’t signaling Domination or Courage or even Strong(ly). I know you don’t like being compared to President Obama or future President Biden, but they seem to understand the need for more compassion, empathy and new policies on Public Safety. The protests are still going strong. Our daughter organized one in our neighborhood for families. In less than 24 hours, the notice went out, children made adorable signs, and about 200 people showed up to march 3 blocks to the main intersection. The “Thugs” included babies, toddlers, children and teens, parents and grandparents. It was adorable and there was no looting or law breaking. People even stayed on the sidewalks and didn’t block traffic. Also, we wore masks and practiced social distancing.
I heard that some of your minions want you to address the nation about the protests and the changes people are asking for. It’s not my place to advise you but, DON’T ! Remember that some of those advisors are the same people who thought holding up a Bible (upside down) was a good idea. Don’t talk and read a speech. You won’t seem real, or even believable. You know you will riff on what is written and it won’t be good for anyone. Your feelings and beliefs have already been made super clear. You tweeted your suspicions about the 75 year old man, pushed down and bleeding. You wanted the military to control the “rioting”. You think Democrats want anarchy so “They” can take over everyone, and, of course, take everyone’s guns away, have no laws and no personal freedoms or only personal freedoms (except abortions). I don’t think so.
Your base loves you and if that’s not enough, get hugs or fist bumps from your family. You can go back to large, loud and unmasked crowds cheering you on and that will make you feel powerful. I hope it doesn’t diminish your numbers of voters due to illness…..or worse. Maybe, their states will allow mail in voting.
Hmmm…..and early voting too.

Dear Mr. President – June 4, 2020

June 4 2020

Dear Mr. President,
Such an emotional day in this country! I know you felt it even locked up in the White House. Everywhere there were scenes of peaceful protests with the serious message of grief and determination that there will be change for the better along with relief that all four officers have now been charged with murder, three with aiding in a death and one with second degree murder. The demonstrations, many involving thousands of participants, continue unabated and now the curfews are lifting without police or national guards being needed. Do you think this is because of the threats you made on Monday that you will be the President of Law and Order and you might even order the military to take charge? Do you think that all the protesters and all the mayors and other officials were trembling with fear? Or, do you think that the rogue actors that committed the crimes of looting, burning and destruction left because of your Powers? Maybe, it was the power of you standing with a Bible in front of the church that led to the loving acts documented so often by the videos.? Even police officers were “taking a knee” in support of the protests. No, even you don’t believe that. You have to know that the message of Justice (we discussed this yesterday) and Peace and Love are the real answers to hate and injustice.
I see that you didn’t have much on your official schedule today other than an Intelligence Briefing at 3:00 and something listed as “The President signs an Executive Order on Expediting Permitting” at 4:30. Huh? What was that? It’s not even a complete sentence. You had plenty of time to read (or scan) the headlines in the paper (NYTimes), “Esper at Odds with President on Army’s Use”, “As Poll Numbers Dive, Trump Spends to Hold the States He Won”. Yikes, very not good. I did check some of the other news sites that are usually more favorable to you. Still, not very good. They still want to talk about looting and attacks on the police. Hmm, maybe they should watch how those wild and crazy people walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and those out in front of the White House and in Seattle and Los Angeles and Chicago and Houston, etc. are going. Please tell them to look on the bright side and not be so negative.
I also read some more about your stay in the cellar, I mean the safe room, I mean the secure bunker. You told Shawn Spicer (remember him?) that you went to the secure bunker as protesters demonstrated near by, for an “inspection”. Then you changed the story and said “I went down during the day and I was there for a tiny little short period of time”. What an adorable way to describe the “inspection”. You added that you had been there “two, two and a half times before” and “done different things” related to inspecting the bunker. Also, an interesting use of your valuable time.
President Obama spoke in such an inspirational and aspirational way yesterday. Did you hear it? He mentioned that during his administration there was a task force called “Twenty First Century Policing”. The task force consisted of all the relevant parties, including police and other law enforcing officials. Apparently they wrote a report with very specific recommendations on improving the justice and law enforcement system. You know, during this quarantine many of us have used some of the time to go through our “stuff” to either keep, give away or throw away. Maybe you could look for that report (as well as the ones on climate change and pandemic responses)? They are probably in your basement, oops, I mean secure bunker. You went down there two and a half times? Finish going down the steps this time and look in all the corners. The reports are probably there.

Dear Mr. President – June 3, 2020

June 3 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Today has been a slow, kind of lazy day where we could work on our garden and lawn, talk to friends either from a socially appropriate distance or via Zoom, cook some meals that weren’t particularly inspired and so, we didn’t spend too much time on the news. So what did you do? I looked at your schedule and saw that you had lunch with the Secretary of State. Can you share what you guys talk about? I bet there is some gossip about foreign leaders or bad press coverage. Maybe, just maybe, The Secretary gave you some cue cards or lines from the Bible that you could quote the next time you want to speak in public. May I suggest the line from the book of Deutoronomy (D’varim) where we are told “Justice, Justice you must pursue.” The commentators reflect on the repetition of the word “Justice”. While some (you) might think of it as “there are laws and everyone has to follow them” (even you?), the Hebrew word actually means “righteousness” or doing the right thing. The commentators go on to say “righteousness is rooted in kindness, caring and giving”. It is something to think about, Or, in the often repeated words of VPPence, “reflect on”. By the way, what has he been doing since the President’s Corona Virus Task Force disappeared (magically) from those” Longings “(they were sooooo long).
I saw the read out on your communications person’s daily press briefing., You know her, the one with lots of vowels in her name, and who was in the group of people standing awkwardly with you for pictures by the church. By the way, she and Ivanka, did the walk in spiked heels! Very impressive, although not very safe. She handles the unfair questions the Press asks by basically playing the “Yes, But…. Game”. It’s the game where you try and move the ball to another court to score points against the “enemy” team or at least keep the ball away from them without ever answering the question.She is very good at the game. I was curious about the President’s group walk across the street to show us a Bible. She tried to explain the purpose of the event and said that Franklin Graham really liked it. Then she announced that you had your annual physical and are healthy. I thought maybe the walk across the street was so you could tell your physician that you had been exercising. But, then I worried that the walk was why you didn’t have any official events today other than lunch. Maybe you were tuckered out?
It looks like the Pentagon People and probably, others, have talked you down from some of your threats on Monday. As one member of the American People, I certainly hope so. You can trust the governors (mostly) to do right by their constituents. They seem to know what a peaceful protest looks like and what rioting and rampaging looks like. Why don’t you listen to them tell you their stories on how they are handling the multiple crises of Corona Virus, Economic Disasters and Demands for a more Equitable Justice System. They may be able to help you distinguish between Law and Order (very important) and Justice based in Righteousness, Kindness and Caring and Giving.

Dear Mr President – June 2, 2020

June 2 2020
Dear Mr. President,
I want to apologize for writing that you were “scared”. I wrote you a letter before your very strongly worded “vocal tweet” yesterday evening. I’m calling it a “verbal tweet” because, like your written tweets, it had insults, threats, capital letters (shouts) and incomprehensible depths. It was, well, frankly, weird, sad, scary(for us, theAmerican People),hilarious(because the threats were not believable) and just plain strange. There you were in the Rose Garden, a place of beauty and calm with the sounds of thousands of PEACEFUL protestors in the background along with very loud sounds, Black Hawk helicopters, horses (with riders) and all kinds of military? police? secret service agents? the Inquisition? All to escort the PEACEFUL protestors off your lawn (actually, it’s the American People’s lawn and park and streets) before the curfew so you could walk across the street!!!!!
But, maybe you really are scared as in terrified, drowning in crises, embattled (sorry for that word) on all sides by enemies like the American People, the Press, the Democrats, the Corona Virus, the Economy, the Governors, and even George Will. You should be scared but there are lots of other ways to dial down your fear. You don’t really need the military with their battle plans for the” battle states” (what are the battle states? Are you planning on missile strikes on certain states?). Please don’t say yes.
Here’s my advice for your controlling your fear. First, take a deep breath, then take nine more deep breaths. Do it slowly or you might hyperventilate. Then, use a mantra like “This will magically go away in about 7 months (January 20, 2021) and I can go golfing whenever I want”. If you don’t like that mantra try “I am good, I am smart and darn it, people like me”. If that doesn’t work try a good cry. People often feel better when they have released their fears, anxiety or sadness with a good cry.
I could also recommend prayer or Bible study for you. It looks like you have the book, now. It appeared out of the blue and then you looked confused for a few seconds about which way the Book goes, and then you held it for a photo op to show ?????, not sure what you were trying to show. You do know that the Chumash (the Jewish Bible that contains the 5 Books of Moses) is read from right to left but the Christian Bible is read from left to right. Maybe that’s what confused you. I think your Event Planner didn’t think through all the details of this stunt. First of all, the Church leaders didn’t know you were coming and they were not pleased to see you there, even though the sign behind you read “All Welcome”. They are holding on- line services like so many other congregations. You could attend that without any trouble. Two, moving the crowd away from the Church with tear gas, flash bangs and all those uniformed people was not a great optic. Three, if you are going to show the American People a Bible, practice holding it first. Four, as Governor Cuomo (isn’t he terrific) said or wrote, “now open it”.
Which ever Holy Book you use, find the wisdom that they all contain about LOVE. It will help you control your fears.

Dear Mr. President – June 1, 2020

June 1 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Oh my goodness! You must be so scared!! Thank goodness you have a “Safe Room” in your basement and an army of helpers, protectors and viscous dogs to keep you safe. What was it like seeing so many people outside your home yelling and chanting and walking toward the fence? I’m sure it was scary when you and your family had to go to the basement. Maybe you could share with us what that was like for Melania and Baron. I am sure that even if you were scared you were comforting them and protecting them by tweeting angry “Stop Standing Near My Lawn” or something like that. You put on a brave(sort of) face and talk super tough but we all know you don’t really mean it. At least, not without”really big weapons and/or dogs and/or secret service and/or soldiers to back you up. You can tell me, weren’t you really really really scared?
The truth is that the fires and bad vibes were scary for everyone and it is clear that there are some “bad actors” out there. You do know (because you are so Smart) that those doing these acts are not a reflection of how and why so many people are protesting peacefully and calmly. You must know that there are a number of people who seem organized to try and disrupt the protests and who are looting and vandalizing. Are you tweeting about the actual reasons so many of people, even around the world, are supporting the need to reform our justice system and the policing that leads to the deaths and harassment of African Americans and other people of color? I have heard that you are tweeting and talking about how “tough” and “dominating” the local police and elected officials should be to deal with the “thugs” but are you also tweeting and talking about the real issue of injustices? Governor Cuomo (isn’t he terrific?) calls the protests “righteous” and “legitimate” and the “looters” are looking to disrupt, co-opt and distract from the need of reforms and change.
I listened to a short bit of the daily briefing with your new Communication Person, Kayleigh McKenna. You must be so proud of her. She always knows what questions are going to be asked and has a pre-prepared answer. She is smart and very attractive and blond although I wondered how she keeps her hair that color when so many other women’s hair is growing out. Is there a hair stylist who comes to the White House as an “essential worker” and does everyone’s hair color? She talks super fast and is really good at telling us how in control and on top of everything and really good at your job you are. It must be a big relief to have her around. I know I am being petty but I have two questions/suggestions for her: One- I think you should brush your hair and trim the bottom so it doesn’t flop around so much. Two, How do you keep your eyes opened? You wear a lot of mascara and I find it quite distracting wondering if the eyelashes weigh a lot or are fake or that’s your natural look.
Anyhow, back to you. I digressed because Kayleigh said you had been talking a lot about the situation and had all her quotes ready. She also blamed, well, you know who, for not reporting what you have said. She didn’t mention that You (the Fake News) are reporting on all your tough guy statements, and that is why the public really hasn’t heard your compassionate comments. Just reminder her that you communicate directly with the American People through your Tweets and you could express your heartfelt sadness and empathy through them (if you wanted to).
While you sit in the basement you know that Joe Biden has gone to several of the protests to listen to the people and show his support. Be careful, he might tweet that “The country is Burning and Trump is Hiding in his Basement.” That would really hurt your feelings.

Dear Mr. President – May 31,2020

May 31 2020
Dear Mr. President,
I am writing to you tonight with a very heavy heart that is lightened only by pictures of our grandkids, sweet Zoom calls with friends, and the funny jokes, memes and videos that are going around on Social Media (even if Social Media is sort of the real Fake Media – even thought how can you be Fake and Real at the same time?). Anyhow, I am sure you share my heavy heart feelings as well but I’m not sure your feelings are blunted by the same jokes, memes and videos. For example, I just watched President Obama’s last speech at the National Press Dinner in 2016. He is really funny and has great timing and a killer smile. You probably haven’t seen Sarah Cooper and her amazing lip syncing of your words that are blowing up on TikTok and Youtube. There’s even one one Tweet from a guy named Andy Milonakis. Yesterday he tweeted “Congratulations to the Astronauts that left Earth today. Good choice”.
Have I ever mentioned to you that The Big Bang Theory is not only a very funny show but there have been episodes with valuable advice for you? For example, one time Sheldon, the totally on the spectrum genius, needed to learn how to be more emotionally open and perceptive. He decided to take acting lessons from Penny, the neighbor who is trying to be an actress. I think you should take some acting lessons (not from Penny, the show has ended and I don’t know if she is available for acting lessons). You could practice emoting actual emotions when you read your “comforting” words to the public. Right now the sadness of death and illness, injustice and protests don’t sound really believable. I think you should practice (maybe every day for 15 minutes) a speech that sounds sympathetic to everyone.
I did think about some advice for you to help the country. My advice is to be a “MENSCH”. What is a Mensch? In Yiddish and probably German, it means a “man” but it has a larger connotation. It really means to be a “human being” who does the right thing, says the right thing and is kind and good to everyone. It’s not a word that rolls off of your tongue if you are not used to hearing or saying it. Our parents always told us to act like a “Mensch” or to be a “Mensch”. Once, when I was still a school social worker, I was talking to a young boy about age 10 about how I knew he was a good person and how he should show us that by acting like a good person. I used the word “Mensch” a few times. He misheard it as it wasn’t a part of his vocabulary. When we said our goodbyes he told me “Okay, I’ll be a Bench”. Mr. President, if you can’t be a “Mensch” maybe you could be a bench? A bench is quiet, can be used for a nice rest, usually is a welcomed sight and is often on a path. I’m thinking you could put one in the Rose Garden and go sit there and think about your behavior and words for a while.