Dear Mr. President – June 29, 2020

June 29 2020
Dear Mr. President,
“Well, it’s been a quiet week here in Lake Woebegon”. Do you remember the Public Radio show, A Prairie Home Companion? That’s how Garrison Keillor, the show’s host and creator, always started his story/monologue. We would sit around the fire on Saturday nights just waiting for the show to start. We ‘d settle in to enjoy two hours of music, comedy and the monologue. People would just quietly listening to the calm and gentle humor of Garrison’s stories of the people of Lake Woebegon, the town “where all the men are strong, all the women are good-looking and all the children are above average”. It was like taking a deep breath and letting all the stress and strain of the week magically disappear. I miss that feeling.
Your schedule also seemed quiet this weekend. I saw your Tweet on Friday that you were not going to your golf club in New Jersey but staying in Washington to deal with Law and Order. Good job. I’m unclear on how you did that but everything seemed cleaned up by Saturday morning because you went golfing then. I’m also not clear on when you returned to Washington. You did come back, didn’t you? There seems to be a few new problems brewing. Did you hear about the Russians trying to pay off Taliban soldiers to kill American soldiers?!?! Did you ever hear anything about that? Apparently it was in your PDB (President’s Daily Briefing) which I think you get once or twice a week. This seems to be an important item to miss and I think you should check your notes.
Your schedule also seemed quiet this weekend. I saw your Tweet on Friday that you were not going to your golf club in New Jersey but staying in Washington to deal with Law and Order. Good job. I’m unclear on how you did that but everything seemed cleaned up by Saturday morning because you went golfing then. I’m also not clear on when you returned to Washington. You did come back, didn’t you? There seems to be a few new problems brewing. Did you hear about the Russians trying to pay off Taliban soldiers to kill American soldiers?!?! Did you ever hear anything about that? Apparently it was in your PDB (President’s Daily Briefing) which I think you get once or twice a week. This seems to be an important item to miss and I think you should check your notes.
I did read that one of your Tweets was taken down because of language. Were you wearing your hearing aids? It’s probably an important thing to remember before you post someone else’s video. You don’t want to be accused of being, well, anything bad.
Since you took care of Law and Order on Friday, I didn’t read anything about unusual violent events this weekend. Whew.
The rest of the weekend and so far today, is also relatively calm. I am giving you credit for listening to my advice on Friday – DON’T TALK. It was VPPence who spoke more last weekend, but no one is actually listening to him. He is as calming as Garrison Keillor’s stories but much less fun.

Dear Mr. President – June 26, 2020

June 26 2020
Dear Mr.President,
What the hell???? This has been a terrible week, don’t you agree? You know a lot of people are saying you might lose the election. They say you are a terrible leader who doesn’t know what to do about anything, who lies about everything, who blames others for all negative (about you) facts and who totally ignores Melania’s Be Best Campaign. You do listen to her advice on how to drink water while wearing an expensive silk tie. So, there’s that.
Seriously, we need to talk, and by that, I mean you need to listen to some of my advice. I often tell you to take the weekend off and go play some golf or take a dip in the pool. On second thought, don’t do that (bathing suit might not be your best look). Maybe grill a steak or do some yoga. Turn off the tv and, above all, DON’T talk. I think you can’t stop Tweeting because it’s an addiction and until you admit that you have no control over your fingers, nothing will change.
The Invisible Enemy is back, stronger than ever and this time it’s affecting a lot of places you were hoping to visit. Your visit to Tulsa was a big bust. There you promoted the death sentence or at least flogging for desecrating the flag of the United States. Of course everyone cheered, even the guy wearing a bathing suit made to look like the flag! He was sitting on his tushy(!!!!) on the American flag. How about the folks that wore the flag with your face on it? Isn’t that also desecrating the flag? The trip to Phoenix was terrific. You had a crowded church group, sitting shoulder to shoulder, very few with face masks on and they were cheering for you when you used a racial slur. It was hard to believe this was a church. A CHURCH where people CHEER for demeaning others!!!!! What happened to “Love thy neighbor” and
all that stuff? Where were the bibles?
You must be so worried about the surge of cases in the South and West. Oops, I meant to say you must be so worried about the additional numbers of people filing for unemployment insurance this week. No, I meant to say, you must be so worried about your poll numbers all over the country. No, maybe you are worried that you weren’t coherent when Hannity asked what your goals are for a second term. To be fair, maybe he didn’t give you the questions ahead of time. You didn’t have the chance to learn your lines.
Finally, VPPence tried to help you out in today’s Corona Virus Task Force Briefing. He seemed to ignore the rise in numbers of infections and the rising number of hospitalizations and the rising number of people not wearing masks or practicing social distancing (maybe they are still washing their hands and not touching their faces) but he did do you one favor. He no longer calls this task force the PRESIDENT’S Corona Virus…….
Shabbat Shalom

Dear Mr. President – June 23, 2020

June 23 2020
Dear Mr. President,
It’s still early in the day and you have speeches and other stuff going on in Arizona that I’ll have to look at later, but there are some VERY IMPORTANT issues to discuss. They have to do with your staff, your assistants and those you talk to frequently on the phone. STOP LISTENING TO THEM!!!!!!! Why do you think Hannity and Limbaugh know anything?
Let’s begin with those who plan your travel schedule and shows. STOP!!! They keep sending you to CORONA VIRUS HOT SPOTS.!
They may be trying to make you sick. Let them send you to the golf courses instead. You could invite people to visit with you there. Next, STEPHEN MILLER is NOT HELPFUL! We have talked about him before but he’s the one pushing to halt the worker visas through the end of the year. Did you know that the H-2B visas are how you get your seasonal workers at the clubs??? Who are you going to get to cook and wait in the restaurants? Did he tell you that thousands of businesses and universities and FAMILIES will be hurt by this idiotic move? You know that the first time he tried this you had to back down due to BIG BUSINESS CEOS!!
AGBARR!!!!! What is with him? How do you see him as helpful when thousands of lawyers, prosecutors and important people, in previous administrations both Democratic and Republican, are yelling about his actions? Next, Betsy DeVos!!! The economy depends on parents being able to go to work without worrying about their children. You would think the Secretary of Education would have some EXPERT advise on how to SAFELY AND SENSIBLY reopen schools. Has she done Anything? NO!!! She is totally USELESS!.
How about Jarod and Ivanka? There is no way either of them will be elected President and continue your legacy. Their advice may make you feel better….like the blanket or stuffed animal you needed Saturday night….but that’s about it. Really. That’s it. Now let’s talk about your economic advisors. Are you listening to them or just to investors in the stock market? I don’t know enough about macro economics (although I’m kind of impressed that I remember that concept) but none of it works when people are getting sick and others are avoiding shopping. Yes, people are going to bars and restaurants (unless you stop H-2B visas and other types of work permits) but when they get sick they will stop going out?
Please keep your Corona Virus Task Force advisors, especially Dr Birx and Dr. Fauci – the public trusts them. Okay, not everyone. Some of your loyal base thinks the virus is gone or it’s only getting those who are weak, old or sick already. But most of us think it’s real and isn’t gone or even going away quite yet. I think it’s because you tell them that. Also, VPPence repeats that all is “under control”. The problem with him is that he is so boring that no one really pays attention. Okay, maybe your base is listening to him since he is still saying “thanks to the President” a million times a day.
Finally, fire your speech writers. You are barely using them anyway. My advice is to STOP TALKING. EVERY TIME YOU TALK YOU GO DOWN IN THE POLLS!!!! So, stay quiet for awhile. Go to one of the golf clubs. Eat food prepared by the new chef and served by the new wait staff and play some more golf. Just remember the sun block.

Dear Mr. President – June 22, 2020

June 22 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Sigh, I think we should discuss your situation first. I know, I know, I usually like to begin with pleasantries and weather reports (that you don’t pay any attention to) but we have some serious problems to work on. First, and maybe the biggest, is the fallout from the Oklahoma rally. (I still need to sing the song to spell this right). A lot of people were talking about it being a disaster! How can they say that? Why do they say that? Just because there were 6,000 people or so in the arena doesn’t mean that over 900,000 others weren’t watching on a device. And, even if some people were yawning or napping, it doesn’t mean you were boring – it probably had to do with them not getting enough sleep the night before. Remember, a dozen or so camped out for a few nights. Oh, and it was hot and humid. They were probably “baked like a cake”, just like you were at the West Point graduation. Yes, you had to cancel the outdoor rally due to nobody showing up but at least you didn’t have to deal with a stupid ramp!
There are still more problems with the Oklahoma rally. Ms. Mcenany,(I hope I spelled that name right- I can’t deal with spelling her first name), your press secretary, told the press at her first briefing that “I will never lie to you”. Yesterday she told reporters “The President was very pleased with the rally.” She denied you were “furious” on the plane ride back to the White House. She said Dan Scavino (whomever he is) said the President said, “I was energized having been around the American people”. She went on to say “even a political pundit wrote to him that it was one of the all-time great speeches they’d ever heard.” Um, I don’t think any of that is true. Do you?
Some political pundits thought the President was joking like Shecky Greene. I remember that name from late night tv back in the 60’s. So, I looked him up. He played in Vegas and was such a good comedian that he is in the Comedy Hall of Fame. His act included comments on the day’s happenings, from personal events to world news. He was very spontaneous, witty and even did impressions! The final line in the article was “When Greene finished his show, both he and the stage were a shambles.” So, you just need to work on shortening the story about the ramp at West Point, and tell some new stories and maybe you will get into the Comedy Hall of Fame. Okay, it’s not the Nobel Peace Prize but….
One of the reasons the press didn’t think Ms. Mcenany was telling the truth is the video of you coming off the helicopter and walking across the South Lawn of the White House. Sir, you looked awful. Run the tape and you will see what I mean. You were in shambles with no jacket, your tie (I think it was the expensive red silk tie or you have a number of those) undone and your shirt open. Plus, you were walking like a zombie, exhausted and you looked so defeated. beaten down. In some ways you looked like a little lost boy who doesn’t even have his special blanket or stuffed animal to comfort him. You reminded me of those poor children at the border behind the fences or in the “cages” scared, cold and missing their families.
Get some rest, cheer up and on to Yuma to inspect the fences. I think it might be very hot there so leave the tie at home, wear sun screen and drink plenty of water.

Dear Mr. President – June 21, 2020

June 21 2020
Dear Mr. President,
What a lovely weekend here in Michigan. While we are not eating in restaurants, even though many have tables outside and the streets are blocked off from cars, instead we are doing a great job of cooking at home. I love sharing recipes so if you have any good ones (that are not unkosher), let me know, and I will try and make them. Last night we had a socially distant birthday celebration for our daughter. Our son-in-law grilled Impossible Burgers and we had salad and spanakopita with strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert. Yum.
I read that you didn’t have the best weekend. How sad. You were expecting a lot more people at the party/rally and they didn’t show up. It’s kind of embarrassing, isn’t it? Both you and VPPence had speeches cancelled at what would have been an “overflow” place due to just a dozen or so people waiting there. It rained and you had to hold your own umbrella and even the indoor arena/Petri dish was at least 1/3 empty. The official count was just over 6,000 of the 19,000 seats, and the Campaign was planning for 3,000 more to sit in the floor (in seats, I think) ugh. There are videos of people in the seats playing with their phones and YAWNING!!!! Seriously, YAWNING!. You tried and tried to rile them up but the act needs a bit of a tune up. In addition, no excitement to speak of outside either. No demonstrators or interactions with security folks. Boring! Sad!
Today I heard and read some of what you said last night and I have a new idea, well, actually, it’s an old idea that I wrote to you about some weeks ago. After the presidency you are going to need a new hobby and I suggested sales, golf pro and probably some other things, I don’t remember…. but, I see potential for Stand Up Comedian. You had some great lines last night that were hilarious. For example, you talked (again) about the “great” tests for the virus but you’ve asked your people to stop them because “when you test, you get positive results”. Too funny, (except for the illness and death part). Then you said some super funny things about Joe and how he is the racist. Again, funny but maybe too weird as a lot of people didn’t get the joke.
My favorite was the story you told about the ramp at West Point. You said, “So last week they called me and they said, “Sir, West Point, West Point, We’re ready.” Then you said “Oh, that’s right, I have to make the commencement speech at West Point”. I was cracking up. It was like you didn’t remember that there was a speech and it was on your calendar, or phone, or Twitter account. Then you talked about what you saw on a tour and a 3 block walk down the street and some speeches that others made and one you made and then…..”The sun is pouring down on me, okay?” So funny, you knew that the event was outside and you didn’t check the weather report first? You went on to say you were on the stage for HOURS! and you came home with a “nice tan, meaning a nice sunburn”. The story goes on and on and on. It’s a good story but you need to shorten it quite a bit because the important thing is the ramp. Remember?
You told the General you were with that you had a problem. You had just “saluted almost 600 times (quite a workout for a guy in a suit) and I’m being baked. I’m being baked like a cake.” (I laughed out loud at that line, keep it in the act). Then you said you had a choice- “stay on the stage another couple of hours and wait to be rescued, or go down this really steep, really, really, really -it’s an ice skating rink”. I’m now laughing and tears are coming down my cheeks. The problem was your shoes. The General had shoes “loaded with rubber on the bottom”. Oy!! you were so afraid the press and the cadets would see you slide right down the ramp on your a..(bottom, bum, tushy).
The story last night went on for about 15 minute, but it’s a good one. You can refresh your memory by checking out the story on line. Slate Magazine has the entirety that includes what your wife told you. It has to do with your expensive silk tie and the glass of water.
So, work on your act. Shorten some of the stories. Look for some fresh material, not the old stuff from 4 years ago. Maybe you will have a better crowd at the next show. Don’t bore us Mr. President.

Dear Mr. President – June 19, 2020

Juneteenth 2020

Dear Mr. President,

Happy Juneteenth! Aren’t you proud of teaching us all about the significance of this day? You should be. It appears that NOBODY on your campaign (or you) knew anything about this “holiday”. You taught them that people in Texas finally heard about the Emancipation Proclamation (President Lincoln- he did some good things for African Americans). The day celebrates the liberation of those people still held in slavery. The day has been celebrated all over the country in many communities for years. You called it a holiday and it is a holiday with a great deal of meaning and pride. Not the same kind of holiday you have playing with your golf clubs at your golf clubs. Ha…’s little joke, two meanings for golf clubs. Get it? But still, you did a good deed teaching so many about the history of this day and making the day “very famous”.

There was only one meeting on your official schedule today and that was your “intelligence briefing “. I wish you could share some of that information. I was wondering about the situation with drug smugglers in Antwerp (That’s in Belgium – near France). Do these smugglers have anything to do with the “bad guys” from South and Central America that you and AGBarr told us you were chasing? It was about two months ago so maybe you forgot about that mission. How about the situation on the China-India border. It’s pretty far away from the United States but the leaders of both countries are good buddies with you. Maybe you could make a deal with them that would lead to peace. It might earn you a Nobel Prize!!!! You know, the prize that President Obama won in 2009 for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people”. You thought you might get the prize after meeting with Kim Jung Un but that kinda fell apart. Not much luck with Jarod and the Middle East either. Keep working on the prize. You have a few more months.

You probably too busy planning for your trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma tomorrow to have any other meetings. The party should be lots of fun for you and for the lucky folks who are spending hours in a closed building with about 19,000 other people.. Some might wear masks, but I bet most don’t, unless the masks have your picture on them. There’s a good idea for fund raising.Sell the masks at your parties, or the gift shops in your hotel. Or, ship them to China, Turkey, Russia and North Korea. You would make a fortune. If the masks are made in China you could also save on shipping costs.

You should be prepared for hot, muggy weather and rain!. If Melania or Ivanka go with you they should wear sleeveless or take an umbrella. Also, be careful to wear shoes with soles that grip in case there are slippery ramps. It’s probably a good thing you will be indoors.

I am sure you and the campaign folks are super excited but you don’t seem to be getting love from the people who’s advice you are dissing. The Secret Service seems worried. You ignored the advice of doctors, public health officials and various newspapers, governors, mayors and sentient human beings. You might call them, “losers”, “Never Trumpers” or “weak”. Despite those names, they might be right. Make sure all the waivers are signed and notarized.

What’s up with the Tweets about protestors? Do you think that “protestors”, anarchists, agitators, looters or lowlifes are synonyms? Do you want more excitement? Stick with what you do and try and ignore protestors.They are just talking about peace, love and social justice. Just try and ignore them.

One more thing: Did you tweet about a reaction to the “protestors” that the police or guards might not be “gentile”? If you see people wearing nice clothes, prayer shawls and large hats, they are not being “Gentiles”. Please be gentle with them. Shabbat Shalom.




Dear Mr. President – June 18, 2020

June 18 2020
Dear Mr. President
Thank you so much for listening to me yesterday. You were right, just sharing your feelings with others really helps. Somehow, the problems and worries shrink and we are able to leave yesterday’s issues behind and move forward with strength and courage to meet the new day.
Just kidding, yesterday’s problems and worries are still with us. Despite what you heard VPPence say, and what you seem think, the Corona virus is still here! Did you know about the increases in rates in Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama and North Carolina, among other states? I heard you say “it’s disappearing”. I also read that you don’t play with Dr. Fauci anymore. How is Dr. Birx doing? Did you read that Michigan has done great on controlling the public health crisis due to our Governor’s very strong command of health information. She has really dominated. I also read that the Oklahoma governor and Tulsa public health director and the Tulsa World newspaper have all asked you to cancel the indoor rally but you already changed the date once, so…..Also, one of your economic advisors, Larry Kudlow and one of Oklahoma’s senators, James Lankford, say it is safe to hold the rally. Will they be there and do they also have to sign the waiver?
The public demands for changes in policing, also known as Public Safety, continue. The press conference with the Fulton County District Attorney, Paul Howard, was particularly moving and powerful. Did you hear about any of that? It looks like the Congress may actually get around to a bill to address some of the issues that the public demands. Keep your ear to the ground as to how it goes and be ready to sign something other than an Executive Order.
Finally, let’s talk about the problem with John Bolton’s book. Oy Vey! You must be freaking out! Take a deep breath and either have Kayleigh (the one with all the vowels) say “no comment” or “it’s really a fiction book, not facts” or something like that. When you called him ” a loser”, and “a dope”, it sounded like the next put down will be “poopy head”. Try some other tact. The one about Bolton being “washed up” was pretty good. Then you switched to the Supreme Court ruling on DACA. I love the joke you made “Do you get the impression the Supreme Court doesn’t like me?” Hilarious. It totally changed the topic. So stay away from Tweets like the ones yesterday and today that accused Bolton of lying and of illegally publishing classified material. One or the other statement may be true but both statements can’t be true.
Anyhow, don’t worry about John Bolton and his best selling book. Your peeps don’t care. Really, they don’t care. They love you just the way you are. Go enjoy Oklahoma but, maybe, bring a mask just in case.

Dear Mr. President – June 17, 2020

June 17 2020
Dear Mr. President,
So many issues, so much discontent, angst, unknown and tension. How do you pace yourself to act on behalf of all Americans, grow the economy, plan your reelection and enjoy family? It seems like too much for a man of your age and your pre-existing conditions. (I don’t know any of them due to HIPAA Laws, but I am sure there are some).You know how much I depend on you for answers to my questions and to share your thoughts on my ideas and suggestions. Everything is floating around in my mind now and I may actually need to write you another letter later today. It’s also possible that “reflecting” (I miss counting VPPence’s constant use of that word) and writing may soothe this anxiety.
For a few weeks now the worry has centered on the just cause and reactions to extreme policing, especially of people of color, and the counter reaction of those who view extreme policing as necessary. Do we have a completely lawless society or, in your words, only “a few bad apples”, “a tiny amount”? You meant police officers and but many see only a few people committing heinous crimes. Does that make our people basically good and only a few people are “bad apples”? You had a pretty good response yesterday to re-thinking military style policing. (Never let it be said that even your “enemies” and the “Fake Media” couldn’t offer (mild and faint) praise for the executive orders). Plus, there was the terrific visual of seeing you and a group of white men, plus one of color, in, what appeared to be, a group hug. You exuded strength and courage by ignoring social distancing and masks. The only way for you to show even more strength would be to stand when they stood and not sit with them surrounding you. The photo of that group is almost as powerful as the photo of you holding a Bible.
Okay, enough of that, here is my question/concern that you could help me with. I am as addicted to unimportant action shows as you are to Twitter and FOX. I love NCIS, even the LA version. Recently I binge- watched Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. I know I’m not alone. There is a LOT of shooting, killing and mayhem that occurs on these shows and the “good guys” never seem bothered by this. They have a gun fight with the “terrorists” or “drug lords” or whomever is the designated “bad apple” in the episode and then go out for dinner or a drink. Most of the “enemies” are people of color or of ethnicities other than Caucasian. Do you think watching these shows will lead me and others into racism, distrust of “others” or even violence?
This is a serious question. When we were growing up, television was thought to corrupt our young minds. There were studies that violent shows led to violent behavior. It wasn’t true. We seemed to understand that the action on tv wasn’t real life. I’ve never been in a gun fight. But, it did lead to teenage crushes on the heroes – Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp, Maverick, Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Sam Hanna – among a whole bunch more. Did it also contribute to a belief that crimes were committed by people of color or “otherhood”? Maybe we need to rethink this genre. Maybe, you could re-think your addiction to Twitter and FOX?
I also watch the White Collar crime shows. Do you like those? Surely you know a lot about that type of crime due to the amount of law suits filed against you and the number of friends convicted of fraud, lying, and money laundering. It can be confusing to the American People when you call them “good men” and you call the FBI and CIA and Intelligence analysts “scum”, “dirty” and “corrupt”. Didn’t you have any crushes on any of the guys convicted of those kinds of crime? It doesn’t seem like you have had any crushes on the crime fighters.
Let’s try and support each other’s attempts to control our attraction to shows about lying, cheating, stealing, drugs, terrorism and general badness. We could watch PBS specials instead and then discuss them. How about it?

Dear Mr. President – June 15, 2020

Dear Mr. President,
Hello and I hope you are okay. A lot of people are saying you had some difficulty walking down a ramp and getting a glass of water to your mouth without spilling it. I am here to defend you!!! You are 74 and there is no way you should walk down a ramp (slippery or not) without holding on! What is wrong with people? I think it is a law or a rule or simple common sense, that after a certain age (which is different for everyone but over 70, for sure) a person should hold on to a rail. Apparently there was no rail so whomever walked you down should have held your hand. As far as missing your mouth or having trouble lifting the glass with only one hand, tell everyone to relax. You probably don’t use your reading glasses for the teleprompter but for the close up stuff, like eating and drinking. You should probably wear your glasses. Or, it use a lighter glass.
I’m so glad that I don’t have any responsibility to make suggestions on how to improve public safety in this country. Thank goodness that so many mayors and citizens, protestors and police officers are having the conversation and ability to make the changes that are needed. You probably don’t need to think up any new ideas. Remember, the report on Twenty First Century Policing is already done (Obama administration). I did have one thought, instead of calling the police a “force” we could call them, “community safety officers” or something like that. The word “force” already makes people think of violence.The “Community Safety Officers” could still look out for criminals and dangerous people but leave illegal parking, jogging in the street or sleeping in your own bed to others. Let’s leave the weapons of war for the Armed Forces (see, there’s that word again) and the idea of “going to war” to them as well. If the Army, Navy and Air Force (!) doesn’t need all their weapons, you could use some of that money for the “Community Safety Officers”. I’m sure other people have some great new ideas.
I was so glad to hear your words of comfort for the family of the man killed in Atlanta a few nights ago. It’s good to hear a president extending sympathy to a family in grief. Oh, wait, that wasn’t you? My bad. Usually The President does speak with the family and listens to them. Sometimes there is even an anecdote or story that the family tells the Leader of the Country and that person then shares it with the nation. I remember President Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama, going to Newtown and spending hours consoling the parents, families, citizens of that horrible tragedy. They were truly consolers in Chief.
You can spend your free time on a new stump speech. The old material sounds trite and so four years ago. The wall, immigration, climate, international relations, you can check those off of your “To Do list. Surely you could come up with a positive vision for restoring trust in our government, uniting all our people, a plan to pay for Infrastructure, or so many other projects. Try and come up with some new material that will show your kinder, gentler side. Or not.

Dear Mr. President – June 14, 2020

June 14 2020

Dear Mr. President,

This will be just a quick note to thank you for caring for all Americans as much as you do. I know you were concerned when I wrote about being nauseous and, you know, I don’t need to spell it out. I’m not pregnant (that would be a real miracle) and whatever it was is gone and I’m fine. You didn’t need to call or write to check on me. I know your heart and how much it cares for all of us and how much we care about you. So, let’s discuss your health for a minute.

You have had several tough weeks of dealing with weak mayors and governors who seem to love their cities, states and citizens so much that they want to continue to help them. You have had to deal with Biblegate and defend your freedom to hold the Bible any way you want. You had to pretend not to hear Dr. Faucci warn us that the “you know what virus” isn’t over and numbers are rising in many areas. Finally, you started to plan your own events now that you realize Ivanka and Hope should not do the planning. There’s a lot on your plate. How’s your blood pressure?

It’s none of my business what medications you take (except the two weeks on the H- drug). But, surely, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure must be of some concern. Maybe the first is from your diet and lack of exercise but the second must be affected by your angry outbursts, lack of control of negative emotions and yelling or really loud tweeting. I would like to offer one solution to being so mad at so many people (besides the deep breathing that we already discussed). It has the added attraction of being fun! I used this with a lot of middle schoolers and they loved this idea. Here it is: right down the person’s name on a piece of paper. You can press really hard, even so hard that the paper rips a little. Then tear the paper into little tiny pieces and, here’s the best part, FLUSH THE PAPER DOWN THE TOILET. Right? Wasn’t that fun?

So, OKLAHOMA – O K L A H O M A. Have you been singing the song? “Where the waving wheat, can sure smell sweet, when the wind comes right behind the rain”. Is there a verse about Covid-19 and no masks, a closed environment and a lot of time for you to expel fluids?