Dear Mr. President – May 26, 2020

May 26 2020
Dear Mr. President,
It’s another hot and humid day here in Michigan but maybe it’s also hot and humid in Washington, D.C. Or, maybe it’s only hot and humid on your Twitter account? I thought the lovely weekend of golfing that you had would help you chillax (chill and relax)but it seems like it just stirred you up. You had the honor of placing a wreath on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier to help honor all our military who died in all our wars to protect this country AND the world (WWI and WWII – the first “W” stands for World).
Anyhow you seem to have already forgotten that this is a solemn moment, not a moment to be mean to members of the military. I’m writing about Conor Lamb, a Democrat House Representative, (not Connor Lamm, if you are going to defame someone at least spell his name correctly.)You called him “an American fraud” because, you wrote, he is “a puppet” for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He promised to not vote for her for Speaker of the House during his campaign but, you wrote that he did vote for her…..but he didn’t!. Besides, why do you care who he did or did not vote for? Anyhow, he was a Judge Advocate officer in the Marine Corps for 4 years and was honorable discharged as a captain. Then he was in the Marine reserves from 2013 until this year. Oh, I get it, you are supporting the Republican he is running against who is an Army veteran who served in combat in Afghanistan. On the day honoring those who served and gave their lives, it seems inappropriate to tell falsehoods about a service member just because he is not a Republican. So, I am suggesting you spell people’s names correctly and check your facts that are actually not facts about them.
Speaking of not checking facts, you went on (and on and on) today about Joe Scarborough and accused him of murder!!! Mr. President, your momma must have taught you better than this. Didn’t she ever say “Donnie, don’t accuse people of murder because that really hurts the family of the dead and it’s a terrible thing to say”? She must have taught you that lesson. As a mother myself, I am sure she taught you this. I know I did.
So, in short, here are some new words to practice using. Let’s work on eliminating other words (Dumb, Crazy, Nasty, Lying, Cheating, Horrible and Mentally Unstable) and try these words instead: Kind, Thoughtful, Interesting, Loving, Caring, Responsible, Uniting, and, the word “SORRY”.
Try to reclaim the “chillax” and watch something fun on TV. I hear there is a new series that a parody on the Space Force. It’s getting great reviews.

Dear Mr. President – May 25, 2020

May 25 2020
Dear Mr. President,
What a lovely weekend! The weather in my part of the world is very beautiful although a bit muggy and hot. Still, it’s so nice to see sun, people out walking in the parks and sitting on their porches. Most of them are wearing masks and/or socially distancing. I see that you had the opportunity to go golfing for two days. You seem happy to be outside, enjoying the weather, your friends, maybe your family and not being too bothered by everything going on in Washington, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, Michigan, Illinois, California and many other states that are seeing spikes in their infection and hospitalization rates. It’s important for you to get some R and R so you can be sharp and ready for the challenges of the next months.
You are working very hard on “opening up the country” come hell or high water and trying to encourage us all to get back to “normal”. Did you make it to a crowded church service yesterday? I didn’t read anything about you going to one. I wondered how many congregations conducted services in person. It would be good to know so that Testing and Tracing can be done in a few weeks. You also mentioned that schools should OPEN immediately or very soon. You have been so focused on the” Invisible Enemy ” you have probably forgotten that the school year is technically over in about 2-3 weeks. Are you suggesting that summer school for all is a good idea. If so, would there be federal funds to support that? It would be used for teachers’ and other support staff salaries, air conditioning for schools that don’t have it and/or fans. Think about it.
I saw a part of the ceremony at Arlington Cemetery this morning. It’s always such a moving event with taps, the wreaths and the serious demeanors of all who participate. I went to pay my respects at a local memorial a few days ago. There were red, white and blue flower arrangements at the site. I actually teared up and thanked G-d that my father made it through WWII and we can honor him on Veterans’Day, not today. I mourn for all the lost lives of my generation and the next two as well. It is also a day to think about the lives lost in this country over the past three months. The NYTimes front page and the next pages was also so moving a memorial. I hope you get a chance to check it out.
Anyhow, I wanted to tell you that you looked pretty good at the cemetery. Have you lost any weight or was it just the dark suit and camera angle? If you have lost weight, how did you do it? Many of us are over- eating because the refrigerator is right there beckoning to us. You mentioned you have been exercising, although I don’t think riding in a golf cart really counts for a lot. Neither does pushing letters on your phone. You tweet so much that you might start to feel some arthritis in your fingers. You are done with the H (remember, it’s too hard to write that drug’s name out so I just use the letter H), you can use some Ibufrofen for your sore fingers. Stay safe.

Dear Mr. President – May 22, 2020

May 22 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Shabbat Shalom, it’s a few hours until Shabbat and my challah is in the oven, the Roasted Carrots with Tahini Sauce, ala Adeena Sussman (not a relative, too bad, she’s terrific) and sliced eggplant that is also roasted are all ready as well. I hope they last until dinner because we are snacking on both. I am probably going to make the Jeweled Rice as well (basmati with roasted nuts, dried fruit and lots of dill or other green herbs) and some salmon. Kind of makes you hungry, doesn’t it.
I’m telling you this because Shabbat is on my mind. I see that you have ordered “ordered states to reopen places of worship” and you are going to “override governors who resist”. I have a couple of questions for you about this “order”. One, do you have the authority to force places of worship to open? I didn’t know that. I know you think you have the authority to do anything, as per you, not per the Constitution or any law. Two, are you also ordering everyone to go to a place of worship this weekend? I didn’t know you could force people to go. Our Synagogue is reaching people through other methods until we feel safer to meet in person. Did you know that a lot of religions are doing that? It is different from the normal way we pray and learn and get inspired but it’s working better than you think.
Three, where are you worshipping this weekend? Your usual place? It would be lovely if you led the way with your own family and go to a church near you that will be open. (Not Jarod and Ivanka, they will walk to the synagogue) Will you wear a mask if the place requires it? Four, what if the religious leaders say “no”, not yet? Will you order them to preach or lead services? My religion stresses that all the commandment, except 3, can be broken if a life depends on not following the commandment. Five, did you think that the act of being in a place together is the only way to worship or pray? Those who believe in an Almighty, even young children, know that the Force is everywhere. It is absolutely true that being in a group together has a certain energy and special quality but it is possible to do this on your own or with your family. Don’t you do that with your family?
I know I’m “preaching to the choir”, but, we get that you really really really want us to get back to normal. It would be great if we felt comfortable (on the bimah, inside joke) doing that but, I think, most of us aren’t there yet. It does seem that many of your supporters also want to go back to activities and places that are their normals, even if the virus still is quite active where they live. I hope they will be okay. In fact, Nancy Pelosi and I will pray for them and for you this weekend.

Dear Mr. President – May 21, 2020

May 21 2020
Dear Mr. President,
You were so close by that I was sorry not to come and see your performance at the factory. Also, you could have stopped by for a cup of tea. Do you remember the old television show called The Millionaire? Every week a deserving person would get a visit from someone who represented the millionaire and would give the person a check for one million dollars! My mom(z. l.) would always tell us that if she were not at home when the man rang the bell, “tell him to come in, make him a cup of tea and say that I will be right back”. So, you’re a “millionaire” and I could have made you a cup of tea. Just saying. I probably would have had to make several large pots as you travel with an entourage. Oh well, maybe next time you are in the Ypsilanti area.
Did you enjoy the visit? It was a beautiful day in Michigan. I know the big news was that you didn’t wear a mask when the press could see you. But, you did wear one when you were “in the back”, wherever that is. It was a requirement in the factory and I believe you knew that. I think you also know it’s to protect other people from you just in case you had a bad test this morning. It was a little confusing when you said “your test was positive” when I think you meant negative and then you called it a perfect test, blah, blah blah. At the end,, it just wasn’t clear what happened. I think you also know that it would show great leadership if the president were seen wearing a mask in public to show how important it will be going forward. But, you think you look too dorky in a mask. Even though that is probably true, I think you are being too sensitive or, maybe, you just don’t like to follow rules.
Speaking of not following the rules, I was wondering if you could give some advice to parents and teachers out here on how to handle the behavior of children (or adults) who don’t want to follow the rules. There are some people, even Trump Lovers, who don’t want to follow the rules your administration, (remember the President’s Corona Virus Task Force for Slowing the Spread?) gave us. They put out these rules awhile ago and so did the CDC (that stands for the Center for Disease Control – you know, for controlling the spread of this disease) for how to be safe as we return to commerce and other activities. If you don’t show them how this works how will they ever learn? Don’t you know how impressionable minds follow your every word and action? What shall we tell them when you say ” I don’t think I’ll be wearing a mask” when we all have to? My suggestion is that either you don’t travel or you do wear the mask to demonstrate your leadership.
One more thing. I didn’t hear you speak about the new disaster that hit part of Michigan yesterday. I’m sure you know that there was a terrible flood caused by a private company that owned the dams that overflowed. I read that the company ignored the federal inspectors who warned them several years ago that these dams were in poor repair. Should the company be held accountable for the damages caused by its dams? Isn’t that situation a lot like the bill the Democrats want for the next round of financial help? I mean the part about employers who do not protect their workers by following some basic safety measures when their workers return to the jobs. I read that the Republicans and you, don’t think that is fair to give that responsibility to the business owners. I think it does make sense. Talk to your people about passing that bill.
Were you just freaked out about the word “inspectors”?

Dear Mr. President – May 20, 2020

May 20 2020
Dear Mr. President,
How are you feeling today? I know some medicines take a while to see any results or reactions. Have you noticed any side effects yet? I looked up the side effects again today (remember, I warned you about some of them yesterday), and noticed a few more. One is “feeling that others can hear your thoughts”. I know that many of those thoughts turn into Tweets but are you thinking others know what else is in your mind? There’s another side effect of “feeling, seeing , or hearing things that are not there”. Does feeling that the economy is going to roar back like a “rocket” qualify? How about hearing that ” a lot of corruption and crimes were committed by the Obama administration”? How about your recent Tweet about Michigan and Nebraska sending out ballots illegally!!!!! I don’t know about Nebraska but Michigan voters passed a referendum on mail in ballots a few years ago. It’s totally legal in Michigan to request a mail in ballot and our Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, is sending out the BALLOT APPLICATIONS FOR THE ELECTIONS IN AUGUST. November is still a ways off. In Michigan we can request mail in ballots without a reason although fear of Corona virus is a really good reason. We can all be on the mail in voting list and this application can also be good for November. By the way, other states have this same system and there are no reports of massive “cheating”. Don’t you vote by a mail in ballot?
There are several other side effects that I’m worried about for you. For example, another warning is “severe mood or mental changes”. While so many of the questions you get asked are repeats and “gotcha” questions, some are totally normal but your reaction seemed like you had a mood swing and a mental lapse. You called a reporter “rude” even though she raised her hand and you called on her. You seemed to forget that when you accused the “haters” of the research on medicine, (I’m just going to call it H, it’s too hard to spell), those researchers are part of your administration. Also, you used to say “What do you have to lose” by taking this medication and yet yesterday you said “these were old and very sick people who were probably going to die anyway”. Maybe you have had some mental changes? Ask your doctor.
Other things to watch out for are loss of hearing, red, irritated eyes and painful and difficult urination. You often seem to have difficulty hearing the questions asked by the reporters although I think that is because you are standing next to a helicopter or there are tons of truckers honking horns as a protest or the reporters are really far away. So, I’m not too worried about that. Your eyes have seemed reddish or bleary but maybe that is due to lack of sleep or too much TV.
As far as urination issues, it’s none of my business.
Stay well. Be safe. Wear a mask at the Ford factory.

Dear Mr. President – May 19, 2020

May 19 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership. I know it is a topic you are also interested in and since you are also an expert leader, I thought I would bounce a few ideas off of you.
I look back at leaders I have known in my life. There were principals of schools whom I knew quite well. There were administrators of organizations, boards, committees and camps. Some were amazing, terrific, strong and positive influences on everyone who worked for and with them. They made each and everyone of us feel special, worthy and respected. When there was a reason to critique or challenge anyone, they did it carefully and kindly, although seriously. I remember a speaker at an inservice telling all the school staff that “constructive criticism sometimes feels like constrictive crudicism”. So true, so true.
Then there are the presidents I’ve known, albeit only through television or newspapers. Some have been so inspiring that I wanted to work for them (Obama. He gave an awesome graduation address, he’s really good looking and he has a wonderful smile. He sings, dances, acts like the dad you would love to have, plays sports, is articulate and super smart). Others, not so much. All of them dealt with issues so serious and scary that most other people would quit or have a nervous breakdown. Actually, I think President Nixon did. Who would want this job….it’s about life and death and so much criticism and constrictive crudicism that all of us would
completely cave. Maybe, their drug of choice was Xanax?
I know you have your own style of leadership that doesn’t follow the styles of people I’ve described and we all know how great you are doing being the leader of the country; well, parts of the country. It’s really hard to live in an area where you criticize (crudicise) our local leaders. It’s like living in home where the grownups are arguing all the time. It leads to anxiety, depression and upset stomachs. We just want our leaders to stop yelling, calling names and demeaning others. Maybe watch some videos or tapes of Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Bush (both of them), Reagan,Clinton, oops I forgot Ford but deliberately left out Nixon and OBAMA. Watch how they reached out to all Americans and empathized with disasters.
It’s very unsettling to listen to your advice. I’m still unsure about needing a mask in public (I wear one even if you aren’t), eating in restaurants (nope, cooking at home) and buying everything in site (have you seen the price of food recently? I swear its doubled and maybe tripled). We aren’t buying in stores. Just donating to non profits and a few politicians. And, what about medical treatments? I don’t take any medications and I don’t think I will try the one you are touting or teasing about. Since you travel, don’t wear a mask or even really socially distance, be careful. You and VPPence.
Remember, if, heaven forbid, you and VPPence are incapacitated, Nancy Pelosi is the next in line.

Dear Mr. President – May 18, 2020

May 18 2020
Dear Mr. President,
How was your guy’s weekend? We didn’t really have any news items that came to light. You called it a “working weekend” but who was there? You know, all work and no play makes Donald a – shoot, I forgot how that old saw actually ends. I think it is “makes an old saw a boor’? Or is it a drag? or no fun to be with? or dangerous? Was the team working on a plan to get you reelected or working on the vaccine that will save us all or how to purge every single person who has ever crossed you in any way out of government?
You did have a busy day today. The schedule says you had a 2:00 meeting with people in the restaurant business. Did they bring lunch with them or did some one go out to a local restaurant and pick up some sandwiches? Then you had a 4:00 meeting with governors and Melania! So, she still lives at the White House?! What did she have to say to the governors? Maybe she was helping get the Be Best Program back up and running. I wonder if she has done anything via Zoom, like teachers around the world, from pre-school to universities, are doing. If there are activities in the Be Best Program, she could lead one followed by reading a book to the kids. If there aren’t any activities, she could simply give them a pep talk on the importance of being kind to each other. I remember when she announced the program in the Rose Garden and there were banners, posters and maybe, some other printed material. There are probably some of these visual aides still around. They could be a fun background for her.
I also read that you are now taking Hydroxychlororquine!!! What? Why? Do you think it will prevent you from getting the Unseen Enemy, do you have the virus, or are you just promoting it for whichever companies make it? I just looked this drug up and there are several common side effects. Watch out for headaches, dizziness, ringing in your ears (not from listening to President Obama’s graduation address Saturday night), loss of appetite or weight (doesn’t seem so yet), mood changes, feeling nervous or irritable ( um…..), skin rash or itching or Hair Loss!!! Good Luck. It’s a bit unclear why you are taking this drug. It could be a gateway to a strong drug addiction. Did you really have a doctor prescribe it for you? Seriously, wait for the vaccine. Then you and your family can be the first to try that out.

Dear Mr. President – May 16, 2020

May 16 2020

Dear Mr.President,

I don’t usually write to you on Shabbat but I have important new information to share. The President’s Daily Schedule shows that you are at Camp David again this weekend. I thought you were getting away with your family but it turns out this is a “guys’ weekend”. Are you going fishing or hunting? In a way, yes. You are fishing for information on President Obama and Vice President Biden and hunting for ways to win re-election. Please be very careful because some of your advisors have ideas that are pretty dangerous.

This leads me (almost) to another point. I listened to the speeches in the Rose Garden yesterday where you announced the Warp Speed Task Force for Finding a Vaccine for Corona Virus. Maybe think of another name that can be shortened to something snappier like Sci-For-IS, Science For Intelligence Search. I’m sure you have people working on it. Also, you announced a new flag for the Space Force. Is that what gave you the idea of Warp Speed for the task force? Maybe the uniforms will look like those on Star Trek?

But, here is the main news: While you are promising us a vaccine by the end of the year (I’m thinking late October) and that is great, there is another deadly virus circulating around the world. It is especially virulent in the United States of America and it is affecting/infecting even more people than the Corona Virus. It is called the Human Attacks Through Efforts Virus (HATE). The main symptoms are lack of empathy, high blood pressure, increased negativity, and lack of impulse control. It seems to be spread through speech, primarily.It is also found in rapidly typed Tweets, Posts on Social Media and even through the television. There have been incidents of the virus spreading through actions such as breaking windows, spray painting buildings, cemetery stones and even pushing or shoving other humans. It has led to a large number of deaths by guns as well.I don’t know the numbers but they are growing.

I think the scientific community should also take a look at this virus as it is purported to be able to destroy entire communities, institutions and even a country.

Dear Mr. President – May 14, 2020

May 14 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Not much happened today so there isn’t much to discuss. Your schedule wasn’t that full, again. Really, it hasn’t been that full for awhile. You mostly have one event a day. Today it was the trip to Pennsylvania to tour a factory making PPE or some other equipment and then you gave a short talk. Since you were at the factory for less than an hour, this was a brief speech. I’m not sure because I didn’t get to read about it nor did I listen to any news about it. I thought it would be more fun for both of us if I tried to guess what you said instead of taking copious notes (for the final exam) on the lecture.
You probably said how incredible it was to be in that place with the amazing workers. Maybe you mentioned how many pieces of equipment they make every day? Maybe you mentioned that they were laying people off until you came into office and saved their jobs? Did you mention that America makes more and better (fill in the blank) than any one else in the WORLD? “Not even close”. I’m thinking you used “”incredible” a number of times or maybe one of the words you think are synonyms like, “terrific”, “great” or “amazing”.
You probably said something like “We’re opening up America and we are going to be stronger than ever” (I certainly hope so). Then you probably mentioned that” three months ago we had the greatest economy in the history of the WORLD or maybe the universe and then the Invisible Enemy (you came up with that all by yourself) came because of you know who and we had to shut it all down but we are coming back strongly and will be even greater very soon. ” Am I close?
Did you trash talk Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or Adam Smith or That Woman in Michigan or CNN or MSNBC or The New York Times or The Washington Post or the “corrupt FBI” or the Intelligence Agencies? I’m sure you did because there was no Corona Virus Task Force Briefing where you could express your feelings. Do you feel better now?
Given the energy out there by “some people” to dwell on the facts of the pandemic, you probably countered that with something about “bad numbers”. You have been hinting at “they are fixing the numbers and making them bigger than they should be”. Do you think it is odds makers fixing the numbers or just the radical left Democrats who hate this country and hate you that are doing this to make you look bad. See, I have been paying attention to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and some of your friends on tv at night. That’s how I know the truth.

Dear Mr. President – May 13, 2020

May 13 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Hi, how ya doin’? I know, a little too casual? It was that kind of day here in Michigan. Sunny, warm, or what warm has felt like this year in Michigan (not snowing, raining or seriously windy). We took another ride, had some distance visiting with family (don’t tell Governor Whitmer because I’m not sure that is okay yet), but, socially distancing, wearing masks, using hand sanitizers and washing our hands. You know, the CDC guidelines that are also those of the President’s Corona Virus Task Force for Slowing the Spread. We are being responsible citizens, good role models and taking control for keeping ourselves safe.
You might not know this about wearing a mask (because you don’t), but there are some funny things that happen when you wear them. One, sometimes people don’t recognize you. Two, some people might think you are a robber (especially if you are a person of color) and become frightened. Three, peripheral vision is limited so it’s hard to see if you are too close to someone. It is also possible to miss the crack in the sidewalk or see the curb. Don’t worry, I’m okay.
I know you have heard that it can be hard to find toilet paper, cleaning supplies or hand sanitizer. The toilet paper we have is TOTALLY USELESS. My husband’s stained glass roll of toilet paper (, is more absorbent. I want to give a shout out to By the Pound, a wonderful store here in Ann Arbor. They have all kinds of flours, even bread flour, yeast, dried beans and other grains and a huge amount of spices that you can buy in small amounts rather than an entire jar of nutmeg that takes about five years to finish. We wear masks, gloves, and try and stay 6 feet apart. Everyone is in good humor, especially the owner, Glen and the wonderful people who work there. We try to stay grateful every day for all our blessings and this store, along with several others, like The Produce Station are some of my blessings.
On the other hand, I tear up almost every day. I miss hugging grandchildren, visiting and getting a kiss on the forehead from my father, and seeing friends and the rest of the family. I am so worried about all the people without jobs, money and hope. I’m usually a pretty up beat person but the tensions and serious anger displayed by some of our fellow Americans, is getting to me.
It must be getting to you too. I saw that your schedule was open until 4:00pm today when you met with the governors of Colorado and North Dakota. We are all getting advice of trying to take care of ourselves so I’m glad you are getting some rest. Take it easy, watch something fun; I think Hamilton, the movie film of the Broadway play, will be playing on tv very soon. Don’t worry too much about the medical and public health issues because you have Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birz and many other experts who are terrific to take care of those things. They aren’t making public policy or taking control of the government, but they have been really clear on what we all can do to take care of ourselves. So, you can watch some tv but maybe stay away from the news for a day. It will only depress you.