Dear Mr. President – August 9 – 12, 2020

August 9-12, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Do you have whiplash yet? I do. I started this letter on Sunday and added to it on Monday and thought about it on Tuesday and here we are, on Wednesday. It’s been a whiplash sort of week. Just think about all that has happened and not happened in the past four days. The biggest thing that has not happened is Republicans stepping up to do their job and help out the millions of people who need more assistance with unemployment insurance to pay rents and buy food. I know you think you are the savior for them with your 4 declarations of Executive Orders, but you have to know they are meaningless. You are such a great deal maker, or at least someone who makes such a big deal out of talking about making great deals, that you should do your own negotiating with Mitch and Lindsey and, maybe Rand Paul to really get something done for the American People. Otherwise, the voters might blame you for this huge failure.
So much has happened in the past 4 days. You gave a rousing pep rally/peaceful protest to the dozens of people, including some children, at your golf course. They loved it and I think everyone hopes for the best in terms of their health, since they didn’t wear any masks, were inside and crowded together. The exciting start of the Bikers’ Ball began in South Dakota this last weekend. We all wish a hearty “good luck” to the 250,000 bikers. From the pictures I’ve seen of this event I’d say some have underlying conditions like smoking and obesity. But, since this is a special annual event, it looks like “normal” and you must love that. Then there were reports of more “normal” events like some schools reopening with in person instruction. Of course, some have had to shut back down due to infections in students. But, not to worry because Secretary DeVos isn’t speaking publicly about schools so that is good. She’s actually disappeared and has no public events on her calendar. You should check and see if she is still in your cabinet. There is a problem with “normal” and that it is now including about 1,000 deaths a day from the Donald Trump Virus. The good news is, during your daily “Cheer up, everything is Great” talks, the virus is “under control”. We also get to hear, yet again, about how great our situation is with ventilators and trials with vaccines and therapeutics that can cure the virus so we might not even need the ventilators or vaccines and we are the best in the world with testing even though testing show more cases.
Let’s see, what else has been going on. Oh, Russia is at it again with interfering with our elections. The new video with bible burning is a Russian video so don’t get fooled by it. The US Postal Service is not dead yet, despite the attacks on it by Postmaster General. By the way, he’s not really a military person, despite the name “general”. Voting registrations are going gangbusters and that’s great for Democracy, so you should be very proud of that. There won’t be a hurricane this week, fingers crossed, so at some point you can go back to Mara Lago. Hmm, what else? Oh, big news! Kamala Harris is on the ticket with Joe Biden! I do have some advice for you about this ticket. You know I’m only trying to help, not boss you around. DO NOT call her “nasty”. You have used that word unsuccessfully to describe Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and now Kamala Harris. There seems to be a trend here. Strong, smart, powerful women are not nasty women. They are strong, smart and powerful so the name calling won’t help you get re-elected. Also, I don’t think Kamala Harris is against petroleum products and I don’t think Joe Biden is against G-d. Also, neither of them is an extreme radical. That word should be saved for the folks who spout conspiracy theories full of hate, like the person who won a primary in Georgia. She thinks you are secretly fighting a well-connected ring of Satan worshipping pedophiles that took over the government.
So, in short, Be Best.

Dear Mr. President – August 6, 2020

August 6, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Have you ever had a day where you don’t feel energetic and your mood is low? You must have days like this as everyone has, even Michelle Obama. I was so glad to read that she feels this way. It makes her seem so real and so relatable. She said out loud what so many of us are feeling even if we try to be hopeful about the future. The state of the nation is not good. The Donald Trump Virus is here and it’s not going away. It isn’t going away and it’s spreading. The economy is depressing even if the stock market isn’t. The uncertainty about schools, health and health care, about jobs, and money and the lack of enough, about rent payments and possible evictions, are all contributing to anxious mood. When Michelle Obama wrote about feeling depressed, she added the burden of how fragmented our social bonds have become. Racial inequality, social injustice, and unrest in our streets are reflections of the unrest in our society. In short, there are bad vibes everywhere.
I’ve been listening to some podcasts by one of my rabbis (teacher), Rob Dobrusin. They provide food for thought, some hope for the future and ideas to wrestle with and think deeply about. I think you already know that I am Jewish, and Jewish traditions and texts mean a lot to me. Since you already have your own religion and traditions, I’m sure you rely on them as well to guide you in behavior and thought. If that isn’t true, I suggest you open the book/books or ask a spiritual leader to meet with you to provide some moral and ethical guidance for the tough tasks you have to do.
One of the ancient rabbis, Rabbi Akiva, had a saying that is very well known. “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?” That isn’t the end. He continues, “But, if I am only for myself, what am I?” There’s lots more here but let’s stop and think about this saying, especially the end of it. Life can’t only be about ourselves. We are part of a greater world. Another of my rabbis, Rabbi Caine, teaches that the entire universe is connected just like our bodies and all the cells that make up our bodies, are connected to a whole. He continues, when one part falls ill, other parts are affected. I think I am broadly saying this teaching and I hope for forgiveness for screwing it up if I didn’t get it all right. The take -away lesson for me is clear. What I say and do affects others and what others say and do affects me. When you speak and call people names or don’t tell the truth about what is really happening, it hurts people. When they call you names, it hurts you, but it also hurts people who love you. If everything is “them vs. us” then there is no hope for all of us.
We are in the weeks preceding the High Holidays when we have the opportunity to examine our lives and our thoughts and behaviors. We ask forgiveness for spiritual sins committed against G-d but sins against other people are only forgiven by the people we hurt. Also, if we are truly sorry for misdeeds, we change the behavior. Otherwise, we do the same thing over and over again. I will try hard not to speak disrespectfully or deliberately hurt some one’s feelings. Self judgement isn’t always easy, but it is worth asking yourself, “Am I being the best I can be?” I am not judging you, but how you behave and speak will be judged.
Remember, “if you are only for yourself, what are you?’

Dear Mr. President – August 4, 2020

August 4, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Let’s talk again about your staff. They are so loyal, except the ones who “leak”, and smart, except you know who, and some of them are just adorable, like all the cute little blondes or blonde wannabes like Jarod. Maybe some of them are kind and moral, just not Steven Miller. They clearly have your back and try so hard to make everything in your world go your way. So how do you explain them setting up an interview with the Axios reporter, Jonathan Swan? Was it their idea or yours to bring along a “cheat sheet” with some simple and colorful charts? If you had studied the material before the test you probably would have done better. Apparently, there are books or manuals also included in this course on the Donald Trump Corona Virus, but you know they exist, maybe you even bought them, but you clearly have not opened them and read them. That whole part of the interview was reminiscent of the chart showing the path of a hurricane a couple of years ago that didn’t include Alabama until you used a Sharpie to change the path. Perhaps some of your staff really don’t have your back.
Thankfully you haven’t had super busy days. I always check your schedule to see what you are up to but it’s usually lunch with VPPence or Secretary Pompeo, or an occasional intelligence briefing. You’re not very involved with the negotiations on the Hill or with the DT (Donald Trump) Corona Virus Task Force. Perhaps if you heard all the information or saw all the charts, you would have been better prepared for the interview with Mr. Swan. Since you are so good at making deals, maybe people would still get an unemployment check this week. You did sign an environmental act but after eliminating so many environmental rules about clean air, water and about a dozen others, your record still looks dedicated to special interests like oil and gas. It’s okay though, you do get credit for signing this act, even if it really about a state you want to win in November.
Anyhow, not much interesting or new happened today. I think you are at the point of losing interest in a lot of issues other than the election. It is an important time, but you should still pay attention to all the topics in a class, even the ones that bore you. There was a little teaser the other day about Health Care and Immigration and how you are taking care of that this month and next. That will be great! It’s not legislation so it must be Executive Orders. Believe me, we are all holding our breath waiting for that news.
By the way, I spoke with a couple of friends who are neurologists and who give the test you “aced” to many people. As you know, it’s a screening test for dementia, so it’s good that you passed it. My question is why did someone think you needed to take that test? Well, it is what it is.

Dear Mr. President – August 3, 2020

August 3, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
I have a number of issues to ask you about it today but right now I’m listening to your, not sure what to call it, briefing on “stuff”. You just finished asking people who survived the Donald Trump Virus to give that “incredible stuff you have in your veins” to help other people. Actually, I think the connection froze for a while because you seemed to say the same sentence over and over again a number of times.
What you said was probably really important, but I want to ask about schools. You continue to beg for schools to reopen, in person, but safely. You are super smart and must know that it’s the part about safety that seems to be the hang-up to in-person learning. Can you tell us how much money schools will need to be safe? Are you including hiring more staff because classes need to be smaller? There were lots of numbers thrown around today about PPE and telehealth for Medicaid patients but how are you suggesting local schools pay for the equipment and staff they would need to open safely? I know several amazing educators who are retiring rather than going back into an environment they don’t think is safe and now several hundred teachers in Georgia have the virus and school has just started there. You have talked about how the National Emergency Reserves are full of equipment and ventilators. Does it also have a supply of teachers and other skilled staff on the shelves?
Next, I wanted to ask about the Post Office. The current Postmaster General is a guy named Louis DeJoy, who took office on June 15, 2020. He is a businessman from North Carolina who was the CEO of a logistics supply chain business. He is also a major donor to your campaign! Did you know that? He has instituted some interesting changes in USPS daily functioning like sending a memo to all who deliver the mail to Slow Down the Deliveries! What!!! He also is a big investor in private delivery service. I know you have a beef with Jeff Bezos and Amazon and the Washington Post, but this is the United States Postal Service you seem to be messing with. It’s been with our country since the very beginning. We like our mail delivery people and we trust them and their mission. You know the expression “going postal” seems inappropriate but it looks suspiciously like Louis DeJoy is trying to make the Postal Service “Gone Postal”, as in kaput. Is this all about packages and Amazon or messing up mail-in voting? Maybe I am over-reacting, but the optics aren’t good. Please don’t mess up this valuable service.
Finally, I wanted to let you know about an exchange I had on someone’s Facebook page. You know I try to stay positive and hopeful and I don’t call people names or speak or write disrespectfully, right? Anyhow, someone asked if the protestors have spread the virus. I answered that most are masked and try to be socially distant, even though not all are. Then, other people started asking if I really believe in the virus, or Dr. Fauci or other things like that. Someone called me a “sheep”. I don’t think they meant cute and fuzzy. If I were a ram, I might be aggressive and I’m not. If I were an ewe, I would be protective of my young (I am) but if I were a lamb, I would be sweet and innocent, or did this person mean I was stupid enough to be led to slaughter? Please, use your bully pulpit to remind people to Be Best.

Dear Mr. President – August 1, 2020

August 1, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
What a week! Thursday, in particular, was such an emotional and inspirational day. I’m referring to the funeral of Representative John Robert Lewis. You probably missed the beautiful and meaningful, somber and joyous ceremony but you can hear most of it on YouTube or other media. Three of our ex-presidents spoke but President Jimmy Carter wasn’t there because he and Roseanne Carter aren’t traveling these days. I noticed you weren’t there and you also didn’t pay your respects when Rep. Lewis lay in State at the Congress. Did you send your condolences to the family or to his office or to the state of Georgia or to anyone? I don’t think you were invited to speak at the funeral and that was probably a good idea as your speeches tend to be angry and full of doom and gloom, while the other presidents’ speeches were sincere and full of grace. They also knew and respected Representative Lewis, even President Bush who explained they did not always agree on policies, but knew it was important to understand that disagreements don’t mean disrespect or personal animus. Did you know that President George Bush signed legislation in 2006, to extend the Voting Rights Act of 1965 for another 25 years? The Act was to continue to outlaw racist voting practices in the South. I know you are concerned about voting rights this year and you only have a few months to encourage all states to have enough polling places, equipment that works, and the money to allow for timely efforts to collect and count mail-in ballots.
I read that you are still concerned about why, as you said, “Nobody Likes Me”. You are worried about fading hopes for reelection. That plus not being invited to Representative Lewis’ funeral (and not being invited to Senator John McCain’s funeral nor asked to speak at President George H.W. Bush’s funeral) must really hurt your feelings. I want to cheer you up with a song we used to sing at camp when I was a kid. It goes: “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I guess I’ll go eat worms.” Check it out on YouTube (the source of just about anything). It will make you smile.
Sorry for the aside but we were taking about voting and the upcoming election. You know it’s November 3, 2020 and that date is firm. I think you understand that each state controls how elections are run in a state, even national elections. So, you really can’t control dates or whether or not the state uses mail in ballots. I know that won’t keep you from whining and saying “no fair” but you don’t have control over this. I’m sure you will continue to berate the system of voting we have and honor, you know, one person, one vote, and you will accept the results of the election when they are announced. Here is what you can do, or at least what I suggest you do.
1. Be realistic, be truthful and honest about the effect the Corona Virus has had on the world and particularly on the US. You call it the China Virus and go off on China, but, really, at this point it’s the Donald Trump Virus. It arrived here in January and it is now August! Most other countries have dealt with how terrible it is by SHUTTING DOWN AND STAYING DOWN UNTIL THE INFECTION RATES COME DOWN. You must know that if you have heard the experts and read the books. So, stop complaining about China.
2. Get engaged with the negotiations to continue unemployment aid, rent assistance, money for schools, unconditionally, to open safely when the rate of infection in their areas are lower and get more money for states to continue their programs of testing, tracing and health and safety. Don’t be a scared-y -cat and stand on the sidelines.
3. Read and listen more about the social justice movement. It’s not radical. It’s about human needs, justice, fairness, and it’s based on our common good.
4. Don’t listen to Stephen Miller about anything.
5. Read and practice how to be a good sport whether you win or lose.
I have lots more suggestions for you even if you don’t want them. The closing words of Representative John Lewis’s glorious OpEd in the NYTimes sum it all up.
“…walk with the wind, brothers and sisters, and let the spirit of peace and the power of everlasting love be your guide”.

Dear Mr. President – July 29, 2020

July 29, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Just because I’m writing to you again today, I’m not stalking or trying to bother you too much. I promised to only write when I moved to do something and today, I got really excited about the medical news and want to discuss it.
So, I watched a bit of the video of the “doctor” from Houston telling us we don’t need masks because there is a cure and the cure is Hydroxychloroquine. Hmm, does that mean we shouldn’t try to avoid the disease because she says there is a cure. Does that mean we don’t need a vaccine either? Wouldn’t that save a lot of money. You wouldn’t have to spend so much on free loans to a dozen companies looking for a vaccine or bother with scaling up production, distribution and a campaign for encouraging everyone to get immunized. Does she feel the same way about other illnesses? Is this the end of vaccines??? Or am I getting worked up for nothing? Also, you should have a conversation with Representative Louie Gohmert that wearing a mask doesn’t cause Covid. Seriously, how does he not know that by now! Is he willfully ignorant or just ignorant?
This “doctor” also is the head of a ministry so maybe that is also part of her “doctoring”. She has claimed that alien DNA is used in medical treatments and that researchers are working on a vaccine to prevent individuals from being religious. Have you heard any other of her claims, like the one about demons having sex with women in their dreams? Please don’t tell the country that you accept any of this. Also, you should know, the video was taken off of Facebook due to the inaccuracies (craziness), and that not everyone in the group that called itself ” America’s Frontline Doctors” is actually a doctor on the frontline of Covid. It would be so exciting if the drug you and she promote were a cure but it’s not. Dr. Fauci and doctors all over the world have said so. Despite your good brain and experience taking a drug you didn’t need and feeling okay, it’s not a good idea to encourage others to take the drug. You often say “What do you have to lose” in response to many topics but people do have what to lose if they listen to bad medical advice. Enough, we all know you think the drug is a great thing but let’s agree to leave medical advice to medical professionals who don’t believe in demon sex fiends.
On another topic, what’s the real deal on why you haven’t confronted Putin on the issue of paying the Taliban bounties to kill American soldiers? You said the intelligence “never crossed your desk”! Come on, you know no one believes that story. If you really don’t believe our intelligence agencies here’s another approach. Rather than simply dismissing the information, ask yourself, “What do you have to lose by reading or hearing it?”
One last topic and this is a question. I just read Kodak Stock Saw Massive Increase in Trades Day Before Trump’s Loan Announcement (from a site named The Intellectualist). Did you buy stock?

Dear Mr. President – July 26, 2020

July 26, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Well, the weekend is almost over and tomorrow we are back to the old routine. Wait, routine? What routine? Our life on Groundhog Day continues for the 19th week or maybe into the 20th, depending on how you count the week everything stopped way back in March. B”H” (thank goodness), we are okay, and our family and friends are okay. Notice I don’t say Great. No one is great although some are more okay than others. My heart goes out to those who run out of rent money this week. Or, they run out of money for food or medicine or gas or anything that they need. I know a lot of them blame you and the Republicans in the Senate for adding to the burdens of life, but I know you don’t take responsibility for their problems. I think you are taking credit for keeping Americans safe, right? Oh, and keeping certain statues and buildings safe too.
How was the golfing this weekend? You looked like you got a new pair of golf shoes because they are so white. Do you clean them off or polish them or do you have someone who does that for you, like an essential worker?
July 28, 2020
Well, I never finished the letter I started Sunday night, or maybe it was afternoon? I just couldn’t muster up enough energy to write any more. There were too many negative vibes in the air and I just wanted to watch “Person of Interest”. The only thing that stood out for me this last weekend were your white golf shoes. I saw a video of you throwing hats and golf balls at people (no one in masks, not you, not the Secret Service Agents and not the crowd) wearing black pants and a suit jacket but with those same bright white shoes! It was hard to stop staring at them. Why did you change into a suit but not change your shoes?
The blah mood changed by yesterday. It took a long walk, a trip to our garden and a lovely visit with a group of women (socially distanced, outside) to say Tehillim together. What are Tehillim? The English word is Psalms, which there is a chance you might know. There is a very long tradition to recite them in challenging times or when someone is ill or even just to say praises and ask for help coping with everyday challenges. Do you have any special prayers, mantras, or meditations to draw from for support? It could be very helpful. The tradition is that they were composed and/or compiled by King David. Some of the psalms speak about his being “surrounded by enemies” and that’s why I thought of you. They don’t say anything about lashing out at others, cheating and lying but they do ask for help to survive the challenges.
Today was a more stressful day because I watched too much news. Did you get any chance to see the House of Representatives Judicial Committee question AGBarr? He is super loyal to you, so no worries there. He is also very good at not answering questions, pretending he didn’t hear them or trying to stall by telling a longer story rather than say “yes” or “no”. He certainly defended the decision to send federal troops to Portland. Not many support people destroying property of the Federal government or private citizens. It seems logical that violence of the sort Barr talked about should be quelled. One question I had was what percent of the crowds are violent? It’s not the Moms in bicycle helmets, is it? It doesn’t seem like they are acting violently, except when they vomit from the tear gas. Another question is why the folks all dressed up in camouflage aren’t identified as to what branch of the federal government they belong to? Did anyone from the Federal government consult with the local authorities and coordinate with them? Everything seems very upsetting and chaotic, but the use and threat of force seems to be making everything worse.
I wasn’t planning on watching your Corona Virus Briefing but I did end up seeing it later on. So, I guess it isn’t a Corona Virus briefing but a daily update on what you did and how quickly you did it. Even in the 30 -minute time slot there are a lot of repeats of old shows. You are doing a pretty good job of reading but, again, I have to be honest and tell you it’s really boring. It ends up sounding like “blah, blah, blah, no one has ever seen anything like this; blah, blah, blah”. You rattle through lots of numbers of stuff that is being made or was made or will be made but how much is actually needed? If you have 1 million masks but 10 million are needed, the numbers aren’t good, even if they sound very big. Then you mention lots of companies’ names, but I have no idea who or what these companies are, except for Kodak. I had a Brownie camera and also the one that took pictures and developed them about a minute later. Oh, never mind, that was Polaroid. Apparently, Kodak has reinvented itself as a manufacturer of ingredients needed in making certain medicines. Maybe you should check and see if Polaroid is still in business. They could probably make the ingredients very quickly with 3-D printers.
A few pieces of advice for you for a calmer Wednesday: Don’t retweet everything you see on social media or that Don, Jr. sees, some of it is really wrong. Secondly, I don’t think that Dr. Fauci’s approval ratings are so much higher than yours is just due to your “personality”. Thirdly, your opinion of Hydro- you know the rest of it- may be based on “I do a lot of reading and I have a lot of knowledge” but it won’t really help with the ratings. Lastly, pick up a book of Psalms, maybe Ivanka has one, and read a few every morning to help you start your day.
Come to think of it….it could be your personality.

Dear Mr. President – July 22, 2020

July 22, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
Well, I did get to watch episode 2 of the new season of “Corona Virus: Return of the Invisible Enemy”, which started yesterday. I have to be honest though, this show isn’t going to get renewed. It was supposed to be on at 5 but it didn’t start until 5:52 so I’m sure it didn’t get the ratings of Season I. We expect shows to start on time. It didn’t last very long. The main action was only 10 minutes so there was little chance to develop a plot or a character. The main character who played you wasn’t very good. He seemed too subdued and didn’t have much spark or ability to emote. He also spoke way too fast and rushed through his lines. The lines themselves weren’t really interesting. They had lots of numbers but only two items that were “incredible”. The big enemy, China, also had only 2 quick appearances. In short, Meh.
It does look like you have produced a new action TV show. You do know that the FBI already has a series and of course, The Naval Criminal Investigation Service has tons of shows (shout out to my favorite, NCIS). This series seems to be called “Men in Camouflage” or “What Federal Service is This”. Maybe there will be some episodes that give us more information on what the federal service or services are and what their mission is. It looks like the series is set in Portland, Oregon but are there are plans for shows in other locations? It seems that most of the show is filmed behind a huge smoke screen. The plot seems rather predictable and boring. The main action is peaceful protestors walking down a street, then chaos and then, well, it’s unclear what happens next. As a tv critic, and a person who often likes action shows that aren’t really high -end drama, I have to vote thumbs down on this series too. There aren’t even any hunky leads or anti-heroes.
Even if the tv series don’t turn into hits, I know you have lots of other projects on your plate. There is the continuing problem of the Corona Virus, the challenges of the economy, the need for changes in certain kind of policing and how to safely open schools in September or October or this winter. It seems exhausting and frustrating and it must occupy so much of your time. There are also the challenges of trade, world economy, which friendly countries you can dump and which new country friends you can make, health care, climate change and unifying our country. Are you also thinking about the national debt? What about how to support all the people who have lost jobs due to the Corona Virus? Oh, right, there is also a big election coming up.
I’m going to sleep. We all need a rest.

Dear Mr. President – July 21, 2020

July 21, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
You are starring in the new season of “Corona Virus, Attack of the Invisible Enemy”. Unfortunately, due to my busy social schedule, I may not be able to watch it live, but it will probably be on YouTube or On Demand. I thought it might be fun for you and viewers to play a couple of new games I thought of during the show.
The first game is called “Name the Topic”. Even though the previews say this will be a show dedicated to the Corona Virus, other topics may arise. Before you start the show, the viewers can take a piece of paper, a writing utensil and make columns or keep tallies on which words will have the most use. Melania can keep score for you. Examples can be “best”, “ever”, “China”, “incredible”, “ventilators”, “Fascist” or “Antifa” or “Communist” or “radical”. You can have a separate column for nicknames, you already know some of them. There will be extra credit for “Women in Arms”.
The next game is actually a new mental acuity test. Everyone can play. Here are the rules. The questions are multiple choice and there may be more than one correct answer. Wikipedia or Google will not be allowed. You may ask for help from the audience or phone a friend.
1. Who knows the most about the novel Corona Virus?
a) You
b) Dr. Fauci
c) VPPence
d) Governor DeSantis
2. How is the virus spread?
a) Droplets in the air
b) By breathing
c) By osmosis
d) No one really knows
3. What is the purpose of widespread testing?
a) To discover the rate of infection in a given area
b) To look for infections in people without symptoms
c) To trace the spread of the virus
d) To make you look bad
4) What does “Mortality Rate” mean?
a) Low rates are due to not testing and we have the best testing
b) The USA has the lowest rate of ANYWHERE
c) Who cares?
d) Rates of death per thousands of people
5) What can be done to slow the virus spread now?
a) Everyone must wear a mask when outside and no way to be apart
b) Stay 6 feet from other people
c) Get a tattoo that says “Slow the Spread”
d) Believe in magic
Extra Credit Questions (but these will be harder)
6) Why are people mourning Rev. CT Vivian and Rep. John Lewis?
a) They were icons of the Civil Rights Movement
b) They were dedicated to equal rights
c) They provided moral compasses for all
d) Unsure
7) What will happen on January 20, 2021?
a) Uniformed people in unmarked black vans will patrol the streets of D.C.
b) There will be the biggest parade EVER in D.C.
c) There will be a padlock on the White House doors
d) There will be a smooth transition of power between D. Trump and J. Biden

Dear Mr. President – July 20, 2020

July 20, 2020
Dear Mr. President,
I like to check in with you after a lovely weekend of golf, relaxation and maybe some visits with friends. It looks like you may need some new friends. There are some folks on the Fox network who don’t seem to have your back anymore. You even mentioned during the interview with Chris Wallace that you don’t like Fox so much since Roger Ailes left. Since he left, under disgrace, in 2016, before you were “elected” president, and died three years ago, why do you still watch that channel? You frequently call in to shows and give all your interviews to them. So why did you agree to an interview with Chris Wallace, who is known as an excellent journalist and who asks tough questions. I didn’t watch the entire interview, but I have seen and heard and read portions. I’m guessing he didn’t give you the questions ahead of time, but you should have known that they were coming. I would have thought you would be better prepared to discuss the issues around the Corona Virus. By now you have to know that testing doesn’t cause cases, it just exposes them. By now, you should know that it isn’t going away. By now, you should know that the country needs stronger, clearer guidelines about masks, testing, tracing, etc. Good grief, by now you should know that Dr. Fauci has very high numbers of people who trust what he says. And, by now, you should stop saying you did two things early on, banning people from China to enter the country (except for about 400,000 who did enter) and being overly confident that it was “under control”. By the way, apparently the virus that landed on the East Coast came from Europe. It’s now six months later so this information has reached its’ Sell By date.
I know you are frustrated by all the attention given to the virus, “The Invisible Enemy”, but drop nickname, it’s no longer funny. You keep mentioning the “embers” that will be very easily put out. You told Chris Wallace, “I say flames, we’ll put out the flames. And we’ll put out in some cases just burning embers. We also have burning embers. We have embers and we do have flames. Florida became more flame like, but it’s …it’s going to be under control”. Again, I have to ask, you knew you would be asked a question about the spread of the disease and this is your answer? It hardly makes sense and it’s not under control, but you could say you have the biggest embers, EVER! You went on to say that” Biden can’t put two sentences together”. Unfortunately, many of your sentences in this interview were “not put together”. Did you check in with Melania after the interview? What did she say when you asked how you did?
Finally, the question about the test you took that you said you “Aced”. You know that many people have taken that test. It’s not an IQ test but one to screen for mental acuity. It’s a SCREENING test. The questions are simple, but some people have difficulty finding the right words (not the best words, just the ones that accurately describe an animal or object). The part where the examiner gives you 5 words and you have to repeat them in order is to screen for problems with short term memory. Do you remember what the 5 words were? If you “aced” the test I’m thinking they were a) “Russia”, “Hoax”, “Lock” “Her” “UP”. No? Maybe they were “Don”, “Eric”, “Ivanka”, “Tiffany”, “Barron”. No? How about, “The””Virus” “Will” “Magically” “Disappear”. Ah, that’s what they were.